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Eating in Malacca- Melaka (Part 2) | ThumbsForFood

I hope that readers enjoyed Part 1 of Eating in Malacca and are looking forward to more food recommendations in Part 2! Without further ado, here's Part 2.

Restoran Tong Sheng

No. 378, Jln Melaka Raya 6, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka, MelakaMelakaMalaysia
Closed on alternate Mondays. Opens daily 5.30pm-11.30pm

Restoran Tong Sheng is an introduction from a friend who recently went to Malacca. She posted a picture of the signature Cheese Prawn dish on instagram and immediately, it caught my attention. So, we decided to source it out no matter what to try out the food at Tong Sheng. It is a little further away from Jonker street, closer to Melaka Central. We did not have any transport so we depended on asking people around and walking to find our way. 

When we finally reached Tong Sheng, we were met with a crowd at the restaurant. The restaurant had many big tables of families gathered there for dinner. It seemed like a favorite among locals. 


Restaurant Counter with wall of accolades
We were famished by the time we got there and couldn't wait to start ordering the food. However, due to huge dinner crowd, we waited for about 20-30 minutes before our food was served. We did not regret patiently waiting for the food to come! 

The signature Cheese Prawn Beehoon did not disappoint. I guess some of you will be wondering CHEESE and PRAWN, how will it exactly taste? Well, the cheese is melted into the gravy which is not thick but slightly watery. Despite that, the cheese flavor was retained and you could already smell it from a distance. We ordered a portion for 3-5 persons (about RM40) and we were glad we did. The prawn were also well-cooked and fresh. For those who have never tried this dish before, I strongly recommend that you do!

Cheese Prawn Beehoon
And for those cheese lovers who cannot get enough of cheese, they even have Cheese steamboat! I'm guessing they use a similar broth as the one in the Cheese Prawn Beehoon. But, if you've tasted it, do let us know how it is. 

The other tzi char dishes were also good in general. Vegetable is a must for our every meal and I would say Tong Sheng does a good job at frying their vegetables. They are fresh, tasty, yet not too oily.

If I am not mistaken, the dish below is actually Wasabi prawns. The sauce is a mayo-wasabi mix topped with peeled prawns. I like the slightly crunchy texture of the prawn and the fact that the shell is peeled is definitely a plus point! 

Wasabi Prawns
Steamed Tofu with Salted Egg is a recommended dish as well. I really liked this dish as it was tasty. They had bits of salted egg yolk in it which gave the dish a different texture from the soft and silky tofu. I would definitely order this dish if they serve it in Singapore Tzi Char places.

Steamed Tofu with Salted Egg
Fresh Milk Crab is a recommendation and it is also a dish popular amongst the regulars of Tong Sheng. We weren't pre-empted about the taste being slightly sourish. We felt that it was quite an acquired flavor. Personally, I would have preferred the usual Salted Egg Yolk crab. The crab meat was juicy and I felt that the crab was quite fresh as well. Nevertheless, if you up to the challenge and would like to try something different, this would be a dish that you might want to try!

Fresh Milk Crab
Usually, you would see that crab would be served with fried buns (mantou) to enjoy the gravy of the crab. In Tong Sheng, they used toasted bread sticks in place of fried buns. We found that it was quite a good alternative and not as oily as fried mantous.

Toasted Bread Sticks that complement Crab

Restoran Hup Huat

No. 101-1 Jalan SP 1
Taman Semabok Perdana
75050 Melaka
Tel No: 012 260 8928
Opening hours: 9am- 5.30pm

Exterior of Restaurant
Restoran Hup Huat is quite a distance from Central Melaka. It was a recommendation by the owner of Guli's Residence, where we stayed. We will fill you in with more details on Guli Residence.

One of the signature dish of Hup Huat is Rice Porridge. You can choose from several varieties include Century Egg Porridge and Hong Hong Ting Zhai Porridge which is plain porridge with peanut, pork, squid etc. Ting Zhai means small boat and is a popular dish amongst Hong Kong people. We decided to try the Ting Zai Porridge. A claypot of porridge suitable for 2 people is actually quite a large portion and the 5 of us could barely finish. It is most likely also because there are other dishes that we ate. 

Ting Zhai Porridge
A must-order is the Fried Wanton! The fried wanton is unlike the one we usually find in Singapore with meat/fish and prawn mix filling. The ones at Hup Huat consists of a prawn in each Wanton. The wanton was fried golden crispy with the succulent prawn in it. Even though it was fried, it did not feel very oily.

Fried Wantons
Another must order and my personal favorite is their Char Siew (Roasted Pork). The best part of this dish is is that it includes fatty portions of pork. The fatty portions are actually the best part because it melts in the mouth when you eat it. Forget about the calories and fats, just indulge in this dish! I could say that the char siew here is probably one of the best I''ve ever tasted!

Char Siew
They also serve vegetable dishes to complement the meat and to balance up the meal. We ordered Tau Gay (beansprouts).

Tau Gay (Beansprouts)
For those who are not into porridge, you can try their Wanton Noodles as well. We felt that the noodles were average but good enough to fill the stomach.

Wanton Noodles
Overall, we felt that Hup Huat is worth a drive for the Char Siew. Do request for the fatty Char Siew to have a good fix of the melt-in-your-mouth meat!

Malaqa Nyonya House

No.1, Jalan Tun Sri Lanang, 75100 
Melaka Malaysia

Next up, a place for authentic Nyonya Bo Bo Char Char - Bu Bur Cha Cha (Coconut milk with sweet potatoes, yam and tapioca pearls), Chendol and Dumplings. This place is actually at the pick-up point if you are taking Grassland bus back to Singapore.

When we were there, there was a very nice aroma of coconut and kueh being made.

Interior of Malaqa Nyonya House
The chendol here is quite delicious with the fragrant Gula Melaka. We feel that the serving is adequate and the Gula Melaka was appropriate in portion.

We really enjoyed the Bo Bo Char Char served here. You can choose between hot or cold depending on your preference. We chose the hot one. The sweet potato and yam were cooked soft together with the slightly chewy tapioca pearls. The coconut fragrance was light which made the dessert a pleasure to the tastebuds.

Bobo Char Char
Our delicious desserts
They served Nyonya dumplings as well. The authentic Nyonya ones have a slight psychedelic blue dye on the rice. Don't be shocked by the blue. It is actually of natural origins, extracted from Butterfly flowers. The Nyonya dumpling had a belachan filling. They also added spices such as coriander and cekur root, which makes the dumpling aromatic.

Nyonya Dumpling

Malaqa Nyonya House has another branch at Subang Jaya. The branch here is a short drive from Jonker Street. We feel that if you are in the area, no harm dropping by for some desserts! 

East and West Rendezvous

60 Lorong Hang JebatMelakaMalaysia

Exterior of East and West Rendezvous
If you are looking for somewhere nearer to Jonker Street for some dumplings and to buy some kueh home, East and West Rendezvous may be your choice. We tried this place out as my friend told me that the Nyonya Dumpling here is tasty.

They also serve up chendol here. For those who prefer lighter Gula Melaka flavor, this place might possibly be a place to check out. Their chendol comes with red ruby as well. Mix the chendol well, like the picture below and enjoy!

I also bought some pineapple tarts to try as they looked really delicious. My friends felt that they were alright and nothing fantastic. However, my colleagues loved the pastry as they felt that it was buttery and baked well. Do give it a try and let me know your verdict!

Pineapple Tarts

We hope that you enjoy our food recommendations in Malacca! Of course, we might not have the most extensive list of places and there might be more places that we have yet discovered. So, do drop us an email or comment to fill us in on your favorite haunts! :) Do look out for more of our food reviews and support us by following us at thumbsforfood on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Follow our individual blogs on Dayre- @huizheeen and @yinsywinsy.

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