Friday, 18 July 2014

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I'm sure many of you have heard about the opening of Pince and Pints. We were quite excited to try this new restaurant after hearing many raving about the lobsters here. After braving the 2hrs plus queue on a Sunday, we managed to be seated. The seating capacity of Pince and Pints is actually quite small. The whole dining vibe was relaxing and casual, which made us feel quite comfortable. 

We tried their Bee's Knees Cocktail ($14) as recommended by their staff. It is actually a concoction of gin, Manuka honey and lemon. This would definitely be a favourite amongst the ladies as the drink is quite light and sweet. 

Bee's Knees Cocktail

We also tried their Ginger Beer ($12). It was our first time trying ginger beer. The first taste of it made us wince. But, it actually went really went with the lobsters throughout the meal, giving a good balance of flavours. Got to say this drink kind of grows on you!

Ginger Beer

Currently, Pince and Pints serves up 3 different items on their menu. We decided to give all 3 a try that night. They are all priced at $48.

First up, Lobster Roll that is served with Mesclun salad, fries and garlic aioli. The Lobster Roll consists of a whole lobster that is shelled up for you and served in a butter roll. The butter roll was really good! As you can see from the photo below, the lobster fillings are like bursting out of the roll. So, with each bite, you'll definitely enjoy the succulent pieces of meat. The garlic aioli sauce was really good as well. It makes quite a good dip for the fries too.

Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll

Next up, the Live Whole Lobster. We chose to have it grilled. This dish definitely took centre stage. The meat of the lobster was super succulent, juicy and fresh. They use a whole boston lobster so the meat was quite a good portion as well. We love that the grilled smoky taste lingered in the meat. The herbed butter sauce was also delicious.

Grilled whole lobster 

Flesh of the lobster

Chilli lobster was the third dish on the menu. It was quite considerate of the staff to pace the serving of the dishes so that we could savour each dish fully. This dish is a rendition of the signature Singapore Chilli Crab. The gravy was really quite good, with quite a good balance of sweet and spicy flavour. It was served with mantous that were served hot. We ordered an additional serving of mantou at $3.50.

Personally, I would choose to order the grilled lobster or the roll the next time round because I felt that the freshness of the meat could not be fully savoured in the chilli sauce. 

Chilli Lobster

Chili Lobster served with Mantou

Overall, we felt that for the price, the serving was generous and the quality of the lobsters were unquestionable. We felt that perhaps a better queue system could be put into place such that diners do not need to queue physically outside the store and thus, make the overall dining experience more positive. 

Pince and Pints 

32-33 Duxton Road 
6225 7558


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