Sunday, 7 December 2014

Chabuton (313 Somerset) | ThumbsForFood

I have my few favourite ramen shops which I frequent regularly. The top on my list is still Santouka Ramen because so far I cannot seem to find any ramen shops that has pork cheeks as tender as Santouka.

Chabuton by Michelin-starred chef, Yasuji Morizumi, has opened its first outlet at 313 Somerset about 3 months ago. I finally had a chance to try the ramen that was so highly raved about by my friends. I was there on a Wednesday night and pleasantly surprised that there was no queue at all.

I ordered the Chabuton Tonkatsu Ramen (Regular portion$11.90). The broth was rich and creamy, definitely one of the better soup broths out in the market. I added the kara spicy minced pork that day as I felt like having something spicy!

I opted for the Soft Boiled Egg and Buta Kakuni ($3) top-up! I don't normally like the pork slices that comes with the ramen which was why I decided top add the extra meat. The meat was very well-braised and I love the texture of the pork.

We also ordered the Hitokuchi Gyoza to share. I personally liked the texture of the gyoza as it feels lighter than the normal dumpling skin that we have.

Overall, I had a pleasant experience at Chabuton. It is a place to go for a simple dinner and the best thing is there is no queue for it!

Chabuton (313 Somerset)
313 Orchard Road

Opening Hours:
Daily 1130-2200


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