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ThumbsForFood| Food tips in Johor Bahru: Where do we get our food?

Hello to all our readers! We have decided to share some of our travel journeys and tips with you guys [: To start off, I shall bring you in to food in Johor Bahru (JB). I love going JB because the food there is always so affordable (compared to those in Singapore). I can spend the whole day eating and yet not feel the pain in my pockets. For people who are worried about the safety in JB, I would not say its 100% safe there but you can always choose to stay within City Square. Well, City Square is the shopping centre that is linked to the customs so I can safely say that it is pretty safe to stay there as you would not have to board any taxis or walk on the streets. There are pretty good choices within City Square! 

I will be sharing with you what I ate in a day's trip in JB. I spent a lot of time on this post so have fun reading it :D 

Food Choice #1: Nando's Chicken

Well, it is located at the basement of City Square and I always have it for lunch when I go in to JB. I know I know, we have Nando's here in Singapore too. But, its soooooo much more affordable there. Nando's is famous for their periperi chicken. Finger-smacking awesome! 

Pita Bread with Hummus. I love pita bread! The smell, the texture and it goes soooo well with the hummus paste. Try it, but not everyone likes hummus! 

 Peri-peri wings. Well, I thought it was going to be different from the chicken but it turned out to be the same. The only difference being that these are wings.

Peri-peri chicken platter( for 2-3) Well, this is their famous chicken. We always get the Mild Hot flavour as it is pretty much the same except for the sauce that they put on the chicken. For those of you who prefer extra spicy chicken, you can always find the Extra Hot sauce on the table! I love the thighs. It is so delicious with the flame-grilled after taste!

On the average, we will spend RM 30 per pax on Nando's for lunch. Pretty awesome price right? [: 

Food Choice #2: Hui Lau Shan

Yes! I was really happy beyond words when I first saw this in JB. They recently opened their first outlet in JB. I will visit this place almost everyday when I was in Hongkong. I love their mango desserts! Look look look! You will see a queue so don't worry about not being able to spot the shop. 

I love their drinks as well. If you are only getting the drinks, there is a counter specially for that! 

I don't have the exact names of the dessert we had there but they don't have many selections so try them for yourself! We had the coconut with hashima dessert as well and it was quite nice! 

Food Choice #3: Blackball Dessert

KSL is the other popular shopping centre that a lot of Singaporeans go to. Its a short cab ride away (around RM8) or there is a bus you can take from customs to KSL! There are many nail and hair salons at KSL. Other than that, I would say City Square is better as there are many food options now that renovations are done!

Yes, blackball dessert. Its like half-price in JB and additional toppings are only at RM1.50 each. Really a good deal there!

Food Choice #4: Seafood at Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre

Okay, this is quite near KSL and you can walk there. But for first-timers, taking the cab would be a better choice! Yes, the signs tell you that this place has lots of seafood! 

It is pretty much like a hawker centre in Singapore. Maybe not as new and clean but yes, you get the idea! 

Hiang Kee Seafood. Well, this is the first seafood stall which you will see when you walk into the hawker. During weekends, it will be really packed so it is pretty hard to miss this. There are many seafood stalls in the hawker and I have tried around 3 stalls so far. This is one of the best I would say! 

Gong Gong. I love these gorgeous shells. Nothing really special there!

Sweet Potato Leaves in Sambal. I didn't think this was good when I tried because the stalks are not well-handled and it just taste weird when you bite on them.

Butter Crayfish. This is the bomb! Really worth it to have crayfish or crabs there because the price is soooooo good! The crispy bits are so awesome that we finished everything on the plate. Something like cereal, but something different from cereal too. 

Just look at the fleshy meat of the crayfish!

Fried Oyster Egg. This was from the nearby oyster stall. Pretty good. I like it for its strong garlic taste! 

Food Choice #5: Luk-luk

This is one of my must-haves in Malaysia. I like the seasoning that they put on. Something that is common in Taiwan as well but not so common in Singapore. There is one right outside KSL but I went to the one behind the hawker centre. It is at the row of shops that sell abalone noodles.

The yummy sauce that goes along with the sticks!

This is like a after-meal dessert. Look at the crispy beancurd skin, its so good! 

Yes, I am at the end of my JB sharing. Hope it will be helpful to people who are looking to visiting Johor Bahru for some good food! Will be posting more on what to eat in JB, so come back for more soon! 

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Have a good week ahead!

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    1. Hi Baobei,

      Thank you for your recommendation! We will be sure to try it the next time we visit JB! :)