Sunday, 10 March 2013

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Ikoi has been around for very long. Just the mention of the name and I'm sure Japanese Buffet lovers will know where is it. 

Having heard so much about its big name, I was thrilled to be able to finally try it out. The ala-carte buffet goes at $35++. So, I got to say it was really quite disappointing. You can check out our reviews on Irodori and Senki. I would still recommend Irodori over Ikoi. 

Here are some of the dishes we ordered...

Starters: Edamame and Vegetable Dip

Complimentary Salmon Appetiser
The thing that is a must order is the mixed Sashimi Platter. Having heard that the sashimi is one of the freshest, I was disappointed. The meat of the fish was rather dry and was pretty rough in texture. The best thing would probably be the swordfish sashimi. But really, even the Salmon Sashimi did not taste fresh enough to make me crave for another plate. The tuna was really bad, it was quite fishy and tough.

Mixed Sashimi Platter

It's natural to compare the Teapot Soup in Ikoi and Irodori. It is not that bad but, paled in comparison to the one at Irodori.
Teapot Soup



Chicken Wings


Cherry Tomatoes

Ikoi really lack variety. It's hard to pick which is my favorite dish from all the ones we tried. (Yes, we even ordered cherry tomatoes.) It's hard to pick because the food really tasted mediocre. If given a choice, I would choose Irodori anytime.

Overall, I really think it's not worth the money to dine there. Really can't figure out how Ikoi gained its popularity because the standard now really isn't impressive.

Overall Rating: 5.8/10

401 Havelock Road
#01-01 Hotel Miramar
Tel: 68873788Fax: 68870079

Ikoi Shopfront
Love, Y

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