Friday, 8 March 2013

Dough & Grains (Tiong Bahru) | ThumbsForFood

After a period of HIATUS, we're back introducing you our great finds! 

Today, I'm going to introduce to you a special bakery, which produces bread with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concept. It's the first bakery with such a concept in town. Curious what kind of bread do they produce? 

Dough and grains actually produce quite a large variety of breads, tarts and pastries, as you can see below. And do read the labels on the shelves for description of the various bread and their health benefits.

Large variety of bread
We tried the Chinese Yam Tart ($1.90). Chinese Yam is known as huai shan and it is normally used in Chinese dishes. Who would have thought tat it can be made into a tart? It is said to enhance digestive and kidney system. The taste of it? The Chinese Yam taste is really not very strong. What I like is the texture of the tart, especially the crust.

We tried 3 different buns as well. Homemade Sweet Potato ($1.70) is the one on the top of the picture. It's actually a Chef Specialty. The bread texture was a little chewy. The Sweet Potato taste could be stronger. But really, it was not too bad. 

The bun with a cross in the middle is not exactly a TCM bun. It is actually for those who are not so adventurous and looking for a simple bread. Mashed Potato bun is its name. It has mashed potato and ham. Really yummy, but, not as healthy. It will be a favorite among kids. 

The black bun is Black Pearl ($1.90). As the name suggests, the herbs used to make the bread is indeed packed with nutrients and valuable for health. It has Bamboo charcoal, Shou Wu and Walnut. Its benefits is to make one look youthful and prevent grey hair. Definitely will be a favorite amongst people who want to anti-age!

Sweet Potato, Mashed Potato and Black Pearl

There is one more bread to recommend which is the Wolfberry Chrysanthemum ($1.90). I do not have a picture of it, sadly. Well, my friend loves this bread because of it's light taste infused in the good-textured bun! Do give it a try!

Shop Front
Overall, it's a place more suitable for takeaways. It has a wide range of tarts and pastries as well. I'm sure to try their tarts next time!

For it's innovation and creativity, Dough & Grains is definitely worth your try!

Our Rating: 7.8/10

Dough & Grains
71 Seng Poh Rd
Opening hours: 7.30am- 8.30pm
6225 5223


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