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Tonkatsu, pork cutlet in Japanese has been an uprising trend in Singapore. One of the famous ones include Tonkatsu by Ma Maison at Mandarin Gallery.

For starters, with each set you order, it comes with grinded radish. It's something like an appetizer where you mix their shoyu sauce with the radish and eat it. It is quite refreshing and serves as a good opening to the meal.

The highlight would of course be it's Tonkatsu. Having tried Tonkichi's Tonkatsu and really love it, I was really curious how the one at Ma Maison would be like. Prices here are pretty much the same as other Tonkatsu restaurants, ranging from $23-$35, depending on the type of pork you choose. Each set comes with free flow rice and cabbage.

I prefer the pork cutlet meat to be juicy and that comes with the price of fats in the meat. My choice would be pork loin meat or Rosu Katsu Set. The one here is cooked nicely, rendering the meat not too tough to chew. However, I find that it lacks the juiciness that I was looking for.

Rosu Katsu Set
For those who like a mixture of pork loin and pork cutlet (which is less fatty), you can go for the mixed set. The pork cutlet is similarly cooked well, the batter is not too thick. Like I mention earlier, I still prefer pork loin. And yes, the cabbage with the Japanese salad dressing is awesome. It sort of balances the fried Tonkatsu, leaving you feeling that you have not sinned as much after eating a slab of heaty pork.

Mixed Rosu and Tonkatsu Cutlet
For your friends that might not like pork, they can settle for Ebi Katsu, where they use prawns to make into a cutlet form. My friend enjoyed her Ebi Katsu Set. 

Overall, I think Tonkatsu for Ma Maison did not really surprise and amaze me with it's Tonkatsu. I was really looking for the juiciness in the meat which was lacking. All in all, I feel that it was still a good meal and for those who love to eat Tonkatsu, you should have a meal here. One thing to note is the queue! After 7pm, the queue is quite long. So, make your way there early to avoid having to wait for a long time.

Rating: 7/10

333A Orchard Road
#02-35/36 Mandarin Gallery
Tel: +65 6733 4541
Mon to Fri: 11am–3pm, 5pm–10pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 11am–10pm

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