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Two Chefs Eating Place (Commonwealth) | ThumbsForFood

It has been long since the last tze char post, hasn't it? Well, we are back with one of our favourites: Two Chefs!

I believe most of the West-erners in Singapore would have visited this place before. But for those that haven't had a chance to try this, you can consider after reading our post! Two Chefs is located at Commonwealth drive; a short walk from the Commonwealth MRT station. Google Map it and I think you can find it!

The variety of the food is not that great but they serve up fabulous specialty dishes which will make us have a craving for them once in a while. Let me introduce some of their dishes [:

To start off with, the Cold Cockles is a must-try for people who eat them. Personally, I don't ever eat hum (cockles) but I made an exception for this dish here because it is simply awesome. The sauce is really appetizing and it made me throw away my dislike of cockles and accept it temporarily.

Cold Cockles
 This is a rather common dish and I think that there is nothing especially different about this dish but it was good!

Spinach with 3 eggs
 Oh man, this is yet another favourite dish of mine at Two Chefs. The yam is fried and covered with this sweet sauce. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Perfect snack!

Yam sticks
 Well, a trip to Two Chefs would not be complete without their most popular dish: Butter Pork Ribs. So far, I have not seen this at other tze-char places so I would think it is an unique dish. I fell in love with it the first time I ate it but I would advise you not to spam yourself with it too often. My personal experience was that I became sick of this dish really quickly.

Butter Pork Ribs -- The must try
 Nothing that fascinated me about this salad youtiao! This dish gives me such a childhood feel.

Salad Youtiao
 This is another of their specialty dish. The sauce is good to go with rice. Of course, what could go wrong with the perfect combination of beancurd with golden mushrooms?

Beancurd with Golden Mushrooms
Overall, I feel that Two Chefs serve up reasonably priced food at a good standard. My aim is to return to Two Chefs soon and try their other non-specialty dishes. Maybe their other dishes would be as good too! Have a try at this tze-char store in the West!

Must-tries: Butter Pork Ribs, Cold Cockles, Fried Yam Sticks

Our ratings of Two Chefs: 7.3/10

Two Chefs
Commonwealth Drive 
Nearest MRT: Commonwealth Station

Mon: 1700 - 2330
Tues-Sun: 1130-1430, 1700-2330
Closed on every last Monday of the month


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