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136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat | ThumbsForFood

It's Monday! Hopefully your weekend was great [: Blue Monday, go away!

Well, I have always loved eating fish head steamboat but it is not easy to find an affordable and nice one out there. A friend of mine recommended me to this shop and I was not disappointed with its standard!

Red Grouper Steamboat. Okay, the main thing you definitely have to order here is the fish head steamboat. The soup is really good and rich, filled with all my favourite ingredients such as fried yam, cabbage, etc. Of course, they have other kinds of fish too if you do not like red grouper fish!

Other than their steamboat, their tzechar dishes are also worth a try. Pretty good quality for the price that you are paying. What's more is that the place is air-conditioned! Good for the people with extra active sweat glands yet craving for some awesome chinese food. [:

Stir-Fried Sweet Potato Leaves with Sambal. We had about 8 people and we ordered large for all the dishes. Pleasantly surprised at the huge plate of dish served to us.

Stir-Fried String beans with dried shrimps. I love this dish. I like the tinge of spiciness with the salty dried shrimps combination!

Sweet and sour century egg $6. Well well! Recently, I got into a Century-Egg-Craze which means I have this weird compulsion to order any century egg dishes. This is something different from what you see outside! The century egg is fried so that it has this crispy exterior. Eaten together with the appetizing sweet and sour sauce, it can really tickle your appetite open!

Mongolian Tofu $18.  This is their recommended dish. I must say that it is pretty unique. It resembles the Yam Ring that we see normally, with the yam ring replaced by tofu to form tofu ring instead.

Pork Ribs with Salted Egg. I like the flavour of this dish and I would recommend this to all the salted egg lovers out there! What's tze char without some meat right?

Overall, I feel that this is a good and affordable place for big group of family or friends. The standard of the food is definitely above those you see in the average coffee shops. However, take note that the shop is not that big so if you can, try to make reservations before that!

Our ratings of 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat: 7.4/10

291 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058836
Open daily from 1130-1430, 1700-2300


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