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Remember our post on Poulet (Great World City)? You can revisit the post for food review of Mushroom Soup, Sandwich and original Poulet Roti. 

We visited the branch at Bugis+ to try out other dishes that Poulet offers. Do read on for our individual dish review!

Poulet's kitchen. Similar looking to the one in Great World City.

Braised Iberico Pork Belly ($15.80)  is one of the dishes we ordered. As you can see from the picture below, it is served with mash potato and topped with some french mustard sauce. The pork belly is braised well. The flesh of the pork is tender and is without a stench. The skin and collagen layer does not taste too oily and thus, does not make one feel sick after eating the whole slab of it.

Braised Iberico Pork Belly

We also ordered a serving of mashed potato. The mashed potato is very smooth and thick. The downside of it is that eating too much of it makes one feel like you have reached the quota of mashed potatoes for the month. Having said that, for mashed potato lovers, this is a must-try.

This time, we tried the Poulet de Cranberry (Half: $17.80; Whole: $30.80) instead of the original-flavored one. The difference is the sauce. Poulet de Cranberry is a twist of cranberry sauce and a dash of double mustard. The cranberry sauce gives the dish an uplifting and appetizing taste to it while the mustard provides a balance to that sour tinge of the cranberry sauce. I would say the sauces do go well with the chicken. 

My personal preference is the Original-flavored roti. But, my friend prefers this sauce. Conclusion is that it really depends on personal preference! So, have a try of both sauces to see which one is more pleasing to your taste buds. 

Half Poulet de Cranberry

Portion of dishes are not too big, so do order your own mains if you're hungry!

The food is overall affordable and tasty. Portions are on the small side alike other French Cuisine. Hence, Our Rating: 7.7/10

201 Victoria Street
Level 4 Bugis+, Singapore
Tel: +65 6509 9411
Daily: 11.30am – 9.30pm

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