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I'm sure fellow Korean food fanatics have heard of Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant in the Tanjong Pagar area along Amoy Street. It has another branch in China Square Central and we would like to share with our readers this hidden Lunch Promotion find! 

The "Lunch Sets $10 nett" signages placed around the restaurant were what caught our attention. The extra pull factor was its free flow of iced barley tea. Having said that, not all the lunch sets are at $10. Some are slightly above $10 depending on the type of dish. But, nothing goes above $20. 

Free flow barley tea
And... Like all traditional Korean Restaurants, lunch sets come with side dishes! Really like the fact that they are quite generous in their side dishes. We really love the tofu marinated with chili (top of the photo) and glass noodles (bottom of the photo).

Side dishes
We ordered a Bulgogi (Beef on hot plate) that was $10. The serving was reasonable. Beef, however was a bit too tough. Probably, a little overcooked. The marination was not bad which made the beef tasty.

Beef Bulgogi
We also ordered Son Du Bu Jiggae (Spicy Seafood Bean Curd Stew: $10). It was quite delicious. The ingredients were generous and we particularly like the tofu in it. The soup is reasonably spicy and the seafood taste permeates through the stew. Would say that this is a must order if you are a fan of Korean Stew.

Son Du Bu Jiggae

Even though there were only the two of us, we were really greedy! We could not resist the temptation to order Ddokboki (Spicy Rice Cake: $4) and Seafood Pancake ($3). These were classified under side dishes.  The Ddokboki portion was reasonably fair. It's mildly spicy with some sweetness. Would order it again if I were to crave for some Ddokboki. The Seafood Pancake on the other hand was a little disappointing. The combination of flour and seafood was bland and overly starchy.

Ddokboki (Spicy Rice Cake)

Seafood Pancake
So, here's our feast for two! We actually refilled our side dishes once. So, we were really very full! The lunch sets come with rice too.

Feast for 2
Overall, Wang Dae Bak at China Square Central is a small and cosy restaurant. It serves affordable and value-for-money lunch sets that we think would generally appeal to those working in the area. We were there on a Saturday for lunch and there is quite a handful of patrons considering that China Square is pretty empty on a weekend.

Do share with us your thoughts on Wang Dae Bak if you have dined there too! :)

Our Rating: (For lunch set only) 8.5/10
For it's value-for-money

22 Cross Street
#01-64 China Square Central
Tel: 62252646

Mon - Sat: 11:30 - 14:30

Love, Y

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