Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Quarter to Three (Tanjong Pagar) | ThumbsForFood

Quarter to Three is an unassuming cafe located in Tanjong Pagar. The cafe is quite simply decorated. It boosts a homely atmosphere with warm lighting. I have walked past this cafe several times and decided to finally pop in to give it a try! 

Interior of shop and logo

One of the first things I was drawn to when I entered the shop is the chalkboard on the wall. It gives customers a brief preview of the cafe's specialities and favourites.

Chalkboard Menu
I guess you must be wondering why the names of the favourites are so unique. They are actually names for the cakes that Quarter to Three offers. It is quite funny to order the cakes based on their name as some of them sound a bit cheesy and quirky. Quarter to Three also offers some savoury food such as pasta which we didn't try because it wasn't on our agenda.

Their sliced cakes are priced at $7.90 each.

We ordered a slice of cake which is the typical Opera cake with ganache and cream layers. I can't remember the fancy name it has. I find that the cake was a little bit too hard as the chocolate layer was too frozen. Other than that, the chocolate was rich and it wasn't too sweet.

Opera Cake
You Got to Hide Your Love is a chocolate cake with Hazelnut Feuilletine infused in the layers. The chocolate is really rich as well and the feuilletine layer gave it an alternative texture to the creamier and smoother chocolate layer. It kind of tasted like a Rocher cake.

You Got to Hide your Love
We tried the number 1 most popular dessert listed on the chalkboard- Tiramisu. It was served in a jar. Personally, I prefer tiramisu cakes rather than when they are placed in a jar. I don't really appreciate deconstructed cakes which I feel Tiramisu in Jars or Cake in Jars seem to be. 


 One thing which we note was that the service was rather slow and poor. An important factor that I feel a cafe should have is the vibe it gives off. More often than not, apart from the decoration, a good vibe will come off most naturally from its staff.

Overall, I feel that Quarter to Three is a good place to hangout with some friends as it is quite spacious and not as crowded. It is also centrally located and amidst the stretch of bustling Korean Restaurants. I will definitely hope that the service will improve on my next visit!

Quarter to Three
88 Tanjong Pagar Road
6222 2214


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  1. Great review, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to visit the place too. There is this map called CafeSG that lets you find all the local cafes in Singapore! Super useful for cafe hopping and to discover new cafes near home and workplace.


    Hope to see more reviews from you