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Hi! It has been long since we did a review on japanese buffets in Singapore. Thank you Kushi Dining Bar for the invitation to try their new menu!

Kushi Dining Bar is a pioneer in the concept of premium Japanese ala-carte buffet in Singapore. It has been around for more than 6 years now and was previously at Hotel Windsor. The head chef behind the restaurant, Ryan, has more than 20 years of experience and is very helpful in serving up their signature dishes for us. 

One thing that caught my attention was that they had many regular customers when we visited on a Friday night. For foodies who are always looking out for new dishes and creations, you will be happy to know that the chef actually make changes to the menu on a six-monthly basis. Perhaps that is the attraction factor that pulls back all the regular customers. Kushi Dining Bar's latest menu will feature a mix of familiar favourites, as well as, new additions that are not so commonly found in other restaurants.

Some of their well-loved favourites include the Pitan Tofu, Lobster Porridge and Pork Cheek (Ton Toro). 

I am a fan of Pitan Tofu, so I was really happy to see that it is one of the chef's specialties. What makes it different from the rest is that even the tofu is handmade by the chef. I have tried many Pitan Tofu, and usually, it is the sauce that can make or break it. But for this, the tofu is really unique! There is a layer at the bottom of the tofu that has crabmeat in it.  This is definitely something that will keep me coming back.

I have heard a lot about the Lobster Porridge and I have to say that it did not fail my expectations. It is the watery kind of porridge, more of the Teochew style. The broth was full of richness and had hints of freshness from the sea. If you are a seafood lover, you should definitely have a try at this! Of course, the lobster meat was not as flavourful and was a little tough compared to the grilled lobsters we normally have but all the richness is really in the porridge broth! 

Picture by +Dariel Quek (YummyFoodBook) 

My favourite dish of the night has to be the Ton Toro (Pork Cheeks). To be honest, it is really sinful but I cannot ever resist the temptation of yummy food. Love the melt-in-your-mouth kind of meat!

Picture by +Dariel Quek (YummyFoodBook) 
Of course, the chef also brought us the new additions to the menu. The highlights are the Anago Tempura, Cheese Tempura and the Shiro Maguro Aburi Sushi (White Tuna Sushi).

Even though I am a japanese food lover, I have never tried Anago Tempura before. Well, if you are thinking what is it.... don't worry, I was also curious as to what was the difference between Anago and Unagi. Anago is basically the Japanese term for saltwater eel and is often used for deep-frying while Unagi is the term for freshwater eel and is usually barbequed with sauce. The Anago Tempura will appeal to Unagi lovers! The fish is sweet, with a soft texture. 

The Cheese Tempura, however, did not appeal to me. It was a bit too heavy, perhaps because I finished a stick by myself. If you have a small appetite, share it with your friend!

The White Tuna Sushi (Shiro Maguro Aburi Sushi) was really delicious. I love anything and everything aburi-ed. The white tuna is lightly torched and it is something that you will not commonly see in other places!

We also tried some other popular dishes at Kushi. If you are a Hamachi collar fan, you would be happy to know that it is included in their premium buffet. The Hamachi collar was grilled perfectly, with a sprinkle of salt, soy and citrus. 

Picture by +Dariel Quek (YummyFoodBook) 
Waygu beef (Picture by +Dariel Quek (YummyFoodBook) )
Garlic Fried Rice (Picture by +Dariel Quek (YummyFoodBook) )
Grilled Ika (Picture by +Dariel Quek (YummyFoodBook) )
Oysters (Picture by +Dariel Quek (YummyFoodBook) )
 Sashimi Platter (Picture by +Dariel Quek (YummyFoodBook) )

Overall, I had a good experience at Kushi Dining Bar. Other than the usual items that we see in japanese buffets, Kushi serves up their unique dishes which makes it stand out from the others. 

They have 3 different menus for buffets: the Classic, Premium and Gourmet. You can check out the pricing and menu details here 

Personally I will go for the Premium buffet as it includes some of my favourite items such as the Hamachi Kama, the waygu beef and tuna belly! It will be good to check out the menu to decide which buffet is more suitable for you!

Kushi dining bar has limited seats, so it will be good to make reservations prior to going down!

I will be doing a post on my favourite japanese buffet restaurants in Singapore, so stay tune to our blog!

Thanks again to Kushi Dining Bar for the invitation (:

Kushi Japanese Dining Bar
36 Newton Road #03-01
Hotel Royal
Singapore 307964

Opening Hours:
1130am-230pm (last order)
530pm-930pm (last order)

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