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On a lazy Sunday afternoon, we decided to head to Dempsey for some brunch! After some contemplation, we decided to head to Barracks Cafe to satisfy our craving for some good food.

Barracks is situated in Block 8D, amidst the many other brunch places and restaurants on Dempsey Hill. 

We were greeted by friendly staff who seated us in the indoor section of the restaurant. The menu is presented in the form of a newspaper and consists of appetite-whetting pictures! We took a long time deciding on what to eat as they offers the usual English Breakfasts sets as well as "Bigger Brunch Bites" that offers savory main courses. For those who fancy pizza, they offer a range Skinny Pizza as well! You can check out the brunch menu here.

Two of us decided to go with the Brunch Bites and chose the recommended Barracks Free Form Eggs and Asparagus and Poached Eggs. 

The Barracks Free Form Eggs came with Chipolota sausages, Rose tomatoes and mushroom ragout. The food is arranged appealingly on the plate. The scrambled eggs are done nicely and evenly. The sausages are too dry and skinny. Personally, I prefer juicy and fat sausages. Overall, the serving was quite huge. Taste-wise, nothing surprisingly tasty. If you are looking for simple comfort food, this would probably be a good choice. 

Poached Eggs with asparagus was a disappointment though. It is served with rocket salad and croutons. The bearnaise sauce topped the poached egged. The eggs were well done. However, the serving of bearnaise sauce is not sufficient. The whole dish tasted plain and dry generally. The rocket salad was fresh but, it was too plain. Perhaps some balsamic vinegar would add more flavor to it. I would not recommend this dish if you are looking for something savory and if you're not a fan of greens.

Barracks Free Form Eggs (Scrambled): $21
Asparagus with Poached Eggs: $18

As we were craving for some truffle fries, we decided to order one serving to share. I wouldn't say that it's legendary. The truffle flavor wasn't consistent throughout the whole portion. So, some parts were more flavorful and some were less so. The plus point is that it was served hot and it was quite a huge serving.

Truffle Fries: $11

The rest decided to go for the Bigger Brunch Bites consisting of pasta, sandwiches and many other savory mains. 

The Bay Prawn Capellini was one of the choices. Like the other dishes, it was served beautifully. It was a little spicy. The herbs used to make the dish made it very flavorful. The prawns are well cooked and went well with the angel hair pasta. The cheese that topped the pasta was too little for its presence to be felt in the pasta. Overall, I feel that the pasta is one of the better dishes even though it is not a recommendation.

Bay Prawn Capellini: $25

Next up, mushroom risotto! The mushroom was finely chopped and weaved well into the risotto. Herbs and some shreds of pecorino cheese made the risotto tasty and flavorful. If you're a vegetarian, this dish can be prepared to be a rather yummy vegetarian dish. 

Mushroom Risotto: $25
Another recommendation on the menu, The Elegant Black Pepper Prawn Linguine. The prawn is chargrilled and topped simply with some tomatoes and alfafa. The prawn was really served elegantly alongside the pasta. Taste wise, it was not fascinating as it was rather dry. The linguine was cooked in black pepper sauce topped with salmon caviar. We had expected it to be spicy and a stronger black pepper flavor. To our disappointment, the sauce was generally sweet. For the price of the dish, I personally find that the taste was not very worth its value. 

The Elegant Black Pepper Prawn Linguine: $32

We had our meal with some flavored tea! They have a wide range of variety of tea from black tea, herbal tea, green tea and white tea. If you're not a tea person, you can choose a drink from the coffee or alcohol range.

Tea: $8-$9

After meal, you can take a stroll in the exterior of the restaurant to camwhore with your friends the Singaporean way! Making your way down Dempsey hill will be quite a distance if you travel by foot. The positive point? You can enjoy the greenery while on the way down!

Our take on Barracks Cafe: 5.5/10
Must Tries: Barracks Free Form Eggs, Bay Prawn Capellini 

We are rather keen on coming back for the Vintage High Tea available on Thursdays and Fridays 3pm-530pm. Seems pretty interesting, especially on days where our sweet tooth is active!

Details of Restaurant:
8D Dempsey Road Singapore 249672
6475 7787

Brunch Timing:
Sat: 11am-4pm
Sun: 9am-4pm

Till then, Y

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