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This is the second time I've been to Santouka Ramen actually. The reason I have been wanting to return to this shop is definitely because of their pork cheeks.

I went on a Wednesday night and there was a decent queue outside the small shop. Even though I was in a rush that day, the thought of the pork cheeks deterred me from going to the other ramen stores in the mall. There has been quite a rave about ramen in Singapore recently which led me to try the other famous ramen like Ippudo. One discovery that I have made is that pork cheeks are not available in every ramen store!

Tokusen Toroniku Ramen $19.50++ I'm quite a fan of pork cheeks, so this ramen is really apt for my taste buds. The meat is really tender, with a very nice taste to it. However, for people who prefer lean meat, it might be a tad too oily. One thing about this ramen is that it does not come with the egg, so please remember to top up your noodles with the egg! Also, the portion is considerably filling as the portion of the meat and noodles are pretty generous. Just a point to note if you have a small appetite! 

There are 3 soup bases for you to choose from: Shio, Shoyu, Miso. Apparently, Shio(Salt) is the most popular soup base of all. Of course, different people really have different expectations towards the soup bases. Choose the one that goes well with you! 

My full set of ramen with egg

The service was actually quite fast, despite the constant influx of customers. And, I really like it that iced water was available on the table even before we requested for it. 

Yes, please go to Santouka Ramen if you are a fan of pork cheeks! I will definitely be back!

Our take on Santouka Ramen: 8/10
Must Tries: Pork Cheeks

Santouka Ramen
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#02-76 The Central

Open daily (11.00 am to 9.30 pm)


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