Sunday, 23 September 2012

Kki Cafe (Ann Siang Hill) | ThumbsForFood

Hello! Recently, I've been doing a lot of catching up with friends and cafes are the top choice for hangouts, so I shall share some of my findings with you! 
On a random Friday afternoon, I decided to check out the Ann Siang Hill area. Actually I was planning on going over to Shots for coffee but the cakes at Kki cafe were too tempting to miss. This was actually my second time trying the cakes here. Honestly, the first impression I had of the cakes here were not that fantastic as I had them for takeaway. I would say a very big attraction of this cafe is the appearance of this cute little shop. 

Little Red Riding Hood [Dark Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Centre] The chocolate coating cover is so beautifully smooth that it makes it hard for me to plunge my fork into the cake. I like this cake as the level of sweetness is just nice. The chocolate is not too bitter for my liking and of course, I really like the chocolate coating. 

 Onigiri [Basil milk chocolate with orange] This is a must try! I think most people might not try this as the thought of basil with chocolate is not very pleasant. But, the taste of basil is really mild so no worries! I like the exterior of the cake and the orange filling at the centre of the cake. It gives a very refreshing touch to the otherwise sweet cake. I would have this cake again, definitely!

I had tea to go along with my cakes as I feel that coffee would be too strong to compliment the cakes. 

 Some shots of the small cafe:

 Oh yes, there is the Little Drom Store that is inside the cafe as well. The stuffs are pretty cute, so check it out! Also, the shop is rather small, so it is not really suitable for huge groups. It would be a comfortable hangout for a group of 2-4!

The price of the cakes are at $9 and the teas and coffee are around $5-6. I would say that the price of the cake is a little expensive (especially considering the size of the cake) but still, worth it to have a try!
Our take on Kki Cafe: 8.5/10
Must Tries: Onigiri

Kki Cafe
7 Ann Siang Hill
Tel: +65 6225 6650

Operating Hours:
Daily 12pm - 7pm except Saturday 12pm - 4pm
& closed on Monday

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