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Food For Thought (Queens Street) | ThumbsForFood

It is not easy to find a place that is suitable to accommodate a large group of friends. After looking for various places, we decided to try this restaurant that I will be reviewing today!

Food For Thought, Queens Street. It is just next to the Singapore Arts Museum, a little nice house-like wooden unit on its own.

When you enter the restaurant, the first thing that will catch your eye would probably be the lightbulbs dangling from the ceiling, giving the whole place a bright feeling! That't the perfect ambience for dining with friends! 

As we were there on a friday evening, about 630pm with no reservations, we had to wait a fair 35mins before being seated which I feel is reasonable waiting time for a table of 8. 

On each table, you'll see an A3 paper printed with different messages on how to save the earth! It makes it consistent to the theme of the restaurant. Also, you can camwhore with the messages while waiting for the food to be served. the menu is simply printed on recycled paper; really everything is well thought of to match its theme.

Introducing the mains!

First up, Garlic Prawn and Red Capsicum Linguine ($16). It is marked as one of the chef's reccommendation. As you can see from the picture below, the plate is arrange pleasantly that whets your appetite when the dish is served. The cream sauce is really appetizing. Some prefer thick cream sauce, but, personally I like cream sauce that isn't too thick. Bacon slices weave the linguine and the combination goes great with the garlic prawns. Even though the menu says that there is red capsicum, I couldn't really taste the flavor of it.

Next up, Really Good Steak with Blue Cheese Butter($25). I wouldn't say that the steak is fabulous, but for the price, it is reasonably-taste. The butter did not really have a strong blue cheese taste though. I was disappointed by the honey raisin shallot jam that was placed at the side of the dish. I didn't really think it blended well with the butter and the steak. The good point is if you're really hungry, the serving will definitely satisfy you.

Hoisin Har Cheong Baby Back Ribs ($24) is a chef's recommendation! The portion is really huge. For mains, the price is $20+ not exceeding $30. For the portion, I think it is rather reasonable. And they serve it with greens to neutralize the meatiness of the dish. The hoisin sauce is not bad, it is not too sweet. But, I wouldn't say that this dish is totally amazing.

Chunky Sausage and Tomato Linguine ($15) is a dish recommended for kids. HAHA. Rather, I would think it is also suitable for the young at heart! For those who prefer tomato based pasta, this would be a good choice! For adult's, I think they could change the chunky sausages to marinara style. It will definitely be more wholesome than sausages.I really love the way they stack the pasta. Makes me feel hungry!

Calamari, Prawn and Salmon Risotto ($18) is my pick in the list of other rissoto choices! Personally, I really love seafood. And risotto is something I really like. My idea when I read the name was for the risotto to be tomato based. But, surprisingly, it was creamy. Really, the taste is quite pleasing, not too creamy. The salmon bits were however really small. I prefer salmon in larger chunks. My take on this, comfort food. If you're looking for something savory and flavorful, this would not be your pick.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, desserts! 

As we were quite full after our mains, we decided to share the dessert. We chose Butterscotch Apple & Mixed Berries Crumble ($12) that is good for 2 and Profiterole with Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream ($15) that is good for 3. 

The mixed crumble (photo on top) for 2. The portion is a little too small for 2 people to share if you both person are hungry. The combination is awesome and the crumble is served warm. The mixed berries give it a tinge of sourness that goes well with the sweetness of the butterscotch apple. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling eating it. Awesome if you're looking for a warm dessert.

The Profiterole (photo at the bottom) that was good for 3 came as a shock. It was really HUGE. The icecream is sandwiched between the profiterole that was sliced into 2. But i got to say the profiterole is really huge because it could consist of 2 large scoops of chocolate and 2 large scoops of vanilla icecream. All of us were really shocked at the stack. It was a monstruos and uber sinful dessert. As you can see from the picture below the icecream was melting and dripping down the stack. Taste wise, I would say icecream went well with profiterole because the nature of a profiterole is generally dry. But, the icecream was too much! We really tried our best to finish the profiterole but we really couldn't finish the icecream. 

Okay, overall, my take on Food for Thought (Queen Street)?

Rating: 7/10
Must Tries: Garlic Prawn and Red Capsicum Linguine Calamari, Prawn and Salmon Risotto, Mixed Berries Crumble

I feel that the food taste can be made more awesome. But for the ambience and good service, I will definitely come back for food with other groups of friends.

D8 Queen Street
Opening Hours: 
Mon - Sat 
9am  to 10pm
(Last orders from kitchen 8.50pm)

Cheers, Y

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