Thursday, 27 September 2012

He Zhong Carrot Cake | ThumbsForFood

Hi guys!

Besides feasting in restaurants, we also enjoy feasting in hawker centres. Hawker food is cheap and good! I believe almost every Singaporean will tell you that the food they miss the most when they're overseas will be non other than our cheap and good Singaporean hawker food!

So, today I'm going to recommend and share with everyone my favourite carrot cake in the west! Non other than... He Zhong carrot cake @ Bukit timah food centre!

Most commonly found carrot cake are the loose sort which allows choice of black or white carrot cake. But, for me my top most love is this kind of packed into a layer glued by egg in between of carrot cake and chye poh (salted radish).

I can just eat this every morning if its situated near my house. YES, this is a must-try for all carrot cake lovers! If not you'll definitely regret! Minimum order is $2.

My take on this: 9.5/10

If anyone knows of better tasting carrot cake feel free to leave a comment so that I can try!


He Zhong Carrot Cake
Bukit Timah Food Centre
Open daily from 6.30am - 10.30p.m
(While stocks last)

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