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Arbite (Serangoon Gardens) | ThumbsForFood

Serangoon Gardens has many hidden treasures! One of them is the quite widely raved about Arbite! 

It is situated right above Guardian and beside Sushi Tei. It is not difficult to navigate there even if you don't drive because there are many buses that go into the Serangoon Garden Circus. 

Located just above Guardian

Make your way to the entrance of Arbite which is quite prominent with its signboards placed around the area! Climb the staircase and you'll find yourself in the restaurant.

You'll step into a simple yet sleek restaurant that gives off a cozy feeling with its white and brown furniture. You'll see that there is a signboard at the corner of the restaurant that explains what Arbite means, where they pride themselves for quality food and drink, warm service and fair prices.

Interior of Arbite
What Arbite stands for and the Specials of the day!

Classy White Minimalist-themed

Love the shelves with random displays 

We started our meal with some drinks. I ordered Cult beer ($14) purely out of curiosity. It is a seasonal Belgium beer and thus limited in stock. The beer pours out with a white bottle head and exudes an amber colour with orange hues. It is quite bitter to me as it's a pale ale. The have other beer choices such as the fruitier Lindemann and others priced around $12-$14.

Cult Beer ($14)

My friends ordered other drinks such as the Pompelmo ($3) - Pomegranate flavored and Banana Chocolate Milkshake ($6). The Pompelmo wasn't very special. Banana and Chocolate Milkshake was on the other hand sweeter and thicker. As you can see from the photo below, chocolate is added into the Banana Milkshake. As such, the taste of Chocolate did not overpower the Banana taste. If you're bringing kids, this drink could possibly be a favorite. 

Pompelmo ($3)
Banana Chocolate Milkshake ($6)
Now for the Mains!

The Green Tea Fettuccine with Smoked Duck ($24.90) was recommended by the waiter. It is quite unique as I have never tried Green Tea flavored pasta before. It is handmade by the chef from dough and infused with Green Tea Flavor. Really, it is quite tasty! The Green Tea taste was appropriate. It is best eaten when served hot. The Smoked Duck, to me tasted good. I really like it in relative to my friend who felt that it tasted like Ham. I felt that it was seasoned and cooked to perfection for the duck meat was not tough but, smooth and juicy.

I guess the portion was alright. For the price, my friends felt that it was on the steep side. For me, I felt that since it was homemade from scratch, it is rather reasonable. The unique Green Tea flavor was a plus point for me.

Green Tea Fettuccine ($24.90)

Next, Arbite Breakfast ($15). The portion is quite hearty. And it has variety! With mushrooms, bacon, tomato, greens, potato balls, bread, scrambled eggs and baked beans, it really is quite a wholesome meal. Taste wise, I must say there's really nothing out-of-the-ordinary. My favorite perhaps would be the potato balls. Other than that, nothing too special for the taste. $15 for the meal i think it's quite reasonable for it's portion and variety in relative to other Brunch places.

Arbite Breakfast ($15)
We ended off our meal with My Wife's Chocolate Cake ($8)! It came with a serving of Movepick's Icecream. The chocolate cake is not bad. But, I felt it would be better if it is served warmer in contrast to the cold scoop of icecream. I like the layer of Chocolate on top and on the side of the cake. It is also a bit on the dark chocolate side which really complements with the Ice-cream. However, I felt that the Ice-cream flavor could be more sweet and strong because it tasted quite bland. Give it a try if you like chocolate cakes!

My Wife's Chocolate Cake ($8)
Overall, the service was great as the staff were attentive to our needs. I like the cozy and warm ambience and would recommend it for friends' gatherings rather than a romantic dinner for 2. Arbite has a 1-for-1 set lunch for UOB Cardholders. With such good deal, I think I would come back for some lunch! And they do have takeaway service where you can call them to order and collect later!

My Ratings: 8/10
Must Tries: Green Tea Fettuccine 

66 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555962

Opening hours:
Monday (Closed)
Tues to Fri: (Lunch) 11.30am-3pm (Dinner) 6pm-10.30pm
Sat to Sun: 11am-10.30pm
Last orders at 2.30pm and 9.45pm

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