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Jamaica Blue Cafe (The Star Vista) | ThumbsForFood

Having passed by The Star @ Buona Vista many times, we decided to visit the mall to hunt for new food places. 

We came across Jamaica Blue Cafe and was attracted by the warm ambience in the cafe. As you can see below, the cafe is rather small and cosy with warm lights and murals that make you feel like you're off for a getaway. It has an outdoor area where you can enjoy the cool night breeze.

Warm and Cosy Ambience

Jamaica Blue's Signboard
As the name suggests, it is a coffee chain that prides itself for serving fine and high quality coffee to its patrons. Jamaica Blue originated from Austrailia and has since made its ways to many other countries. I will talk about the type of coffee it serves in greater details below.

When we stepped into the cafe, what caught our eye was the rows of pastries and cakes that are arranged in their glass display. They have quite a variety of pies, quiche, cakes, brownies and such.

Prices Range from $5 onwards

Also, for those who prefer bread, croissants and scones, you will be glad to see these choices made available in store as well.  

Selection of bread and scones
Counter and Coffee Brewing Area
As we were rather full from dinner, we decided to try the Scones ($5.9). It comes in a pair and served with butter and jam. I feel that the texture of the scones is good. My friend liked it as well. However, it wasn't something out of the ordinary and we felt that for the portion, the price we paid was rather high.

Fluffy on the inside
Food variety wise, they do serve main courses as well ranging from $11 to $17 such as salad, pasta and feta fritters. They also serve handcrafted sandwiches and a variety of salads (about $12-$16). Besides that, for people who are fanatics of all day breakfast, they serve eggs cooked in whichever ways you like, either poached, scrambled or sunny side-up.

The highlight of the cafe would be its coffee where you can choose the Signature Blend or Blue Mountain Coffee made in different styles (Latte, Flat White, Espresso, e.t.c). Price ranges from $4 to $6 for Signature Blend and $8-$10 for Blue Mountain Coffee. Like us, you might be wondering what's the difference? Basically Signature Blend comes from 5 different areas and each coffee type has their own distinct characteristic while Blue Mountain Coffee comes from only 1 place. For more info, you can visit their website.

We tried their Signature blend White Vienna ($6.1). You can choose the regular or large cup with a difference of $0.60. We took the large cup. The coffee is aromatic and quite strong. I felt that somehow it tasted a little diluted. They recommend on the website that it is best served as an Espresso or Flat White. Maybe you could try that style instead. 

White Vienna 
Overall, peaceful ambience as it is not populated with people. This could be because Star Vista is newly opened. I feel that the place is good for chilling out after work! 

Our Rating: 6.8/10
Must Tries: Coffee

Jamaica Blue 
1, Vista Exchange Green 
#01-31 The Star Vista

Love, Y

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  1. Thought to research a bit on this Aussie coffee chain, glad to stumble upon oyour intro, the White Coffee looked great! Will be over for that soon :)