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Update: Buttercake & Cream has ceased operation

Anybody who stays in Bedok will know that if you want to have a meal of cheap hawker food, it would be readily available. But, if you're craving for some western dessert like warm chocolate cake or apple crumble, then it will be difficult to find a unique cafe that sells it. 

So, when I found out that Buttercake & Cream opened an outlet at Bedok Point, I was thrilled to try out the desserts there!

As you can see from the photos below, it actually occupies a very small area in the mall. However, it adopts a garden theme that makes one feel like you're actually not in a mall but in a cafe on a lawn. 

Pretty garden-themed 

Pretty cakes that are on display! The price range of cakes is from $4. Absolutely affordable! When you purchase 2 cakes, you'll get the second one at a 15% discount (for limited period only). It also has an icecream counter beside the cashier that sells their homemade icecream. I would definitely want to try the Ferrero flavor one day!

So, I decided to try the widely publicized and recommended Warm Chocolate Pudding ($7.50). You can choose either Pure Chocolate flavor or Hazelnut. Having craved for chocolate the whole day, we opted for Pure Chocolate flavor. 

I was absolutely pleased with the presentation. However, the portion was not really big. You can definitely eat it on your own. The Chocolate Pudding was so yummy! I like that it was dark chocolate and really thick instead of the sweet milk chocolate. The Vanilla Ice-cream however, I felt, was too bland. I like the nuts that were infused in it, but, the icecream could be more flavorful! The chocolate pudding melts in the mouth but I think the person overheated ours that it was a little too liquidy. 

We also tried the Strawberry Cheesecake (about $4.00). It really is nothing too extraordinary. What was different was that the crust was on top of the cake as well as at the bottom. And you can really taste the strawberry bits in the cheesecake layer as you can see from the photo! I would try the Molten Lava Cake and Tiramisu next time! It is also a good dessert to takeaway as it comes in a dome package to secure the cake!

Overall, I think they put a lot of effort in creating the garden-like ambience in the plain Bedok Point Mall. Desserts wise, it is affordable and for the price, I guess it is really worth eating there! Good place to chillout in Bedok definitely! There is room for improvement for their quality and variety of desserts to make it more attractive!

Our Ratings: 7.8/10
Must Tries: Warm Chocolate Pudding

Bedok Point 
799 Upper Changi Road 
#03-34 Singapore 467531

Other Branch: 
Sunset Way
106 Clementi Street 12 
#01-52 Singapore 120106

Tel: 6777 3477


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