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Remember about Lian He Ben Ji Claypot Rice Review where I promised that I would introduce the BBQ stall beside it? Here it is! 

BBQ Chang Ji Cooked Food is just situated beside Lian He Ben Ji (#02-197). The stall is run by a pair of very friendly uncle and auntie. 

They have various variety of bbq seafood.. They are Prawn, Stingray, Lala, Sotong, e.t.c. And they also sell vegetables ($3). We would normally order a few variety to share and match with the claypot rice. So here are a few that we have eaten. Prices are reflected based on serving size (3 pax), so, if you have more people, you can request for larger servings.

Firstly, Sotong ($8: Small Size)! Those who love Sotong would know that if it is cooked to much, it will be too hard and if uncooked will be too squishy. The Sotong and Chang Ji is too awesome! It is cooked just right and goes perfectly well with their sauce. I really like that they are generous with their sauces. Also , the food is served on banana leaf which is supposed to enhance the flavor of the dish!

Next up, La La ($8: Small)! The sauce for La La is quite similar to the Sotong Sauce. For La La, they prepared it well with no grain of sand spotted! However, I feel that the serving is quite small. So, if you're a big fan of La La, you might want to opt for a bigger serving.

What is BBQ Seafood without Stingray ($8: Small)? And yes, as you can see portion is once again quite small. Sauce is generous. We really like the chili that goes with it. Plus, it gives you an additional onion-lime-sauce that when your seafood is dipped in, gives a sour tinge that goes very well with the spicy flavor! 

So, if you're eating Lian He Ben Ji Claypot and is craving for some BBQ seafood, do give Chang Ji a try! So far, the standard has been quite consistent and we got to say I'm drooling now as I am doing this review! 

Although there is no fancy ambience, but the taste of the food is sufficient to make me want to go back to Chang Ji, especially when Lian He Ben Ji Claypot is just beside it! 

Our Ratings: 7.3/10
Must Tries: Sotong BBQ

Chang Ji Cooked Food
Chinatown Complex Market
Blk 335 Smith Street
Tel: 6222 8240

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