Thursday, 11 October 2012

FIka Swedish Cafe & Bistro (Beach Road) | ThumbsForFood

A friend of mine brought me to this little cafe near Bugis for lunch one fine Sunday. I was pretty hesitant as I thought how special could meatballs be but I was wrong!

The cafe is filled with simple furnitures plus decorations. The furnitures are mostly from Ikea, reminding me of the yummy meatballs there even before I started on my lunch there.

Smoked Salmon - $16.50. Simple salad dish with some lettuce, onions, cherry tomatoes, and of course the main highlight of the dish: smoked salmon. It was moderately sour which made it a perfect starter as it can serve to open up your appetite! 

Swedish Meatballs - $18.50. Meatballs served with homemade creamy sauce, parsley potatoes and lingonberry jam. It is definitely a must-try there! If you think Ikea meatballs are nice, the ones at Fika is simply fabulous! Try it yourself to know how yummy it is!

Grilled Chicken Crepe - $16.50 (warm).  I feel that this is ordinary. The crepe skin is a bit too thick for my liking. Personally, I prefer the relatively thin crepe such as the Marche's one so the one at Fika did not really appeal to me. But, it was pretty cheesy which was nice! 

Overall, I would recommend Fika for a good lunch/dinner with your friends. If you are a fan of meatballs, try it! 

Our ratings of Fika: 8.5/10
Must Tries: Swedish Meatballs

Beach Road outlet(257 Beach Road), Tel: 6396 9096
Millenia Walk Outlet(9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-20), Tel: 63367234


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