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Piao Ji Fish Porridge (Amoy Street Food Centre) | ThumbsForFood

Okay this is one of my favourite food in Singapore. I'm a big fan of fish soups, and this is really the best that I've eaten in town. It is located at Amoy Street, where the Central Business District is so, the lunch crowd during weekdays is really scary. I would advise you to go earlier like around 10am if you want to avoid the queue. Even on weekends, the queue is still pretty long. I would say the queue does not really move very fast as well, resulting in the long wait.

Fish & Prawn $10. Okay the fish & prawn soup comes in 2 sizes: the $7 and the $10. There are 2 kinds of fish there: the Mackerel fish and the Pomfret. Pomfret is more expensive and so if you choose Pomfret, there will be fewer slices of fish! Despite being an old customer of the stall, I must say that it is definitely not the cheapest find you can get in a hawker centre setting. In addition, the portion is not large as well. For me, a $10 bowl is just satisfying and I can definitely have more of it.

The fish there is really fresh and well-handled and it can be eaten just by itself without any sauce. You can taste the sweetness of the fish with just a bite of it. The prawns there are really fresh too, and adds in the seafood taste to the soup. Other than the very fresh ingredients, the soup is also something that would make you queue so long for. The soup is flavourful, but not too oily and salty. The lard and the fried onions brings out the taste of the soup. I also like the Dang Ou vegetables in the soup as most fish soup stalls do not actually use this vegetable.

  • The Chili Sauce with Ginger

    Our ratings of Piao Ji: 9/10

    Piao Ji Fish Porridge
    7 Maxwell Road #02-100
    Amoy Street Food Centre

  • Opening Hours
  • Daily: 10.30am – 3pm
(Closed on Thu)


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