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Qi Wei Chicken Claypot (Kovan) | ThumbsForFood

Recently, I discovered this chicken claypot at Kovan. This got me almost to the stage of addiction whereby I will have the urge to eat this almost every week. This store is of walking distance from the Kovan MRT, along the stretch of the famous Punggol Nasi Lemak. The signboard is pretty hard to miss!

Signature Qi Wei Chicken Claypot. Well, this is it! A pot of chicken cooked in delicious black sauce on a stove. I bet all of us are familiar with eating steamboat but I'm sure not many have tried such a special steamboat pot! This is actually my first time having a black sauce chicken 'steamboat' and I really like how the sauce never gets cold and watery. 

There are 2 sizes. For groups of 2-3, the half chicken will be sufficient. If you have 4 or more people, then take the whole chicken pot! 

Looks pretty yummy right? The black sauce is really flavourful, with a mixture of herbs, garlic, etc. It goes particularly well with a bowl of rice. You can also choose the level of spiciness of the pot so no worries for people who are not fans of spicy food! 

They also have the selection of additional ingredients which you can add into your pot. However, I find that the price of one plate is quite expensive. The portion is not particularly huge but one plate is priced at $3.30. 

But, it is really hard to resist all these additional food which will go so well with the black sauce! 

Overall, I really like the sauce. It is not something that I see everywhere, so I am willing to travel down the North-East line to indulge myself in this. However, I would think that the price is a little too high. I have been there 4 times, and my average expenditure person there was around $20. Also, the aunties there are quite nice and friendly! On one occasion, we ran out of cash and so the auntie charged us $0.20 cheaper! 

Our ratings of Qi Wei Chicken Claypot: 7.5/10
Must -tries: Signature Chicken Claypot

Qi Wei Chicken Claypot
965 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534721

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