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Remember our previous review on Jamaica Blue in Star Vista? We also visited the Yomenya Goemon Spaghetti there! 

Yomenya Goemon is a chain of Japanese Pasta shop. So far, apart from Star Vista, I know that there is one in Citylink. Having heard that the pasta is good, we decided to give it a try.

The outlet at Star Vista is pretty small with some outdoor area and indoor seats. The restaurant design is kept modern and simple which somehow brings out it's theme of fusion. I like that their kitchen has glass panels for customers to peer in and see how the chef cooks. 

Interior and Kitchen
High ceilings that makes restaurant feel more spacious
We were attracted by their Standard Chartered Credit Card Promotion of $16 set meal (originally $19; inclusive of drink, salad and soup). It seems like a good deal. After that, we realized that the set meal with desserts ($21) seems to be more worth it as the desserts itself costs $6. If you would like to have desserts, the $21 meal seems to be a better option.

We decided to order a $16 meal and a $21 meal. The salad is really not bad. I like the dressing that is appetising and definitely made me feel more hungry!

Salad, Soup and Drink included in the set
We decided to try a pasta from the Japanese Pasta section since they are well-known for it. They also have Western-styled ones as well and we tried one pasta from the section too!

Duck Pasta, is from the Japanese Section. It was one of our choices as we read from a review that it was good. The taste of the pasta was infused with the aroma of duck. However, the ducks pieces were disappointing because they were too small and most of it was the skin of the duck rather than the meat. The pasta was well cooked in the sense that it wasn't to dry or bland and thus, it compensated the disappointing duck slices. I guess we wouldn't order this pasta in future, maybe try something else that has better ingredients.

Noodles that are cooked just nice
For Western-styled pasta, the Soup Spaghetti really caught my eye since I preferred wetter Spaghetti than dry ones! Mediterranean Tomato Cream Soup Spaghetti with Fresh Seafood was my choice since I am an avid Seafood lover. I got to say it is good! I really like that the seafood was fresh and it came with mussels, squid, prawn and clams! And the sauce, I really liked it. It is thick, yet when you eat it, you won't be sick of it. If you are a lover of seafood and wet pasta, you got to try this!

Wholesome seafood ingredients!

We ended off with Chocolate cake with ice cream. We were contemplating between this and the strawberry dessert. However, we were tempted by the chocolate one, so we chose it! It is NOT A LAVA CAKE. But, it is quite nice! I like the texture of the chocolate and appreciated that it was dark chocolate. The bitterness of the dark chocolate went well with the sweetness of the icecream and cream and the sourness of the strawberry. I think I would be so tempted to get the dessert set the next time I visit again!

I think that the Standard Chartered deal attracted the crowd. For it to flourish and open quite a few outlets in Singapore, it really has to have some substance and quality in food. And that's how I guess it managed to attract a pool of regulars. If you are craving for some spaghetti (not other types of pasta like linguini or fusilli), do consider trying Yomenya Goemon! It has other outlets in Singapore as well like Marina Bay Link Mall and Citylink. I heard there's one in 313 as well. 

As this is a chain of restaurant, please take note that there might be varying standards in other outlets.

Our Ratings: 8/10 (for it's value for money and wide variety)
Must Tries: Mediterranean Tomato Cream Soup Spaghetti with Fresh Seafood

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