Thursday, 1 November 2012

Chillax Massage Cafe (Serangoon Gardens) | ThumbsForFood

After dinner at Arbite, we decided to adjourn to Chillax Massage Cafe for some truffle fries and some chilling time!

Chillax Massage Cafe is a non air-conditioned cafe. The style of the cafe seems to be more raw and open which makes chilling there quite comfortable. It's like you do not need to be bothered by the way you're dressed or the way you talk and you can just be yourself and unwind. I guess especially during night time when it is more cooling, it is good to sit on the outdoors and just chitchat with friends freely. The street beside the cafe has very low traffic so you don't have to be worried about noise. 

Exterior of shop at night
I particularly like the concept of the cafe as it puts a lot of different vintage elements in the cafe yet, they have a bar, a ice-cream counter (ben&jerry's) and a very modern looking and nice toilet (or rather basin area).

Truffle Fries ($10), is not the best truffle fries ever, but, it really is a good finger food to go with some drinks. They do serve beers at rather reasonable rates which you can try. There are a few tables who ordered their bucket of beer. 

Food wise, they have quite a variety of main course as well as all-day breakfast. I heard that their eggs ben are good! I guess I will try their breakfast menu on my next visit!

Truffle fried
Drinks wise, we chose to order their ice-blended drinks (around $6 a cup). The chocolate and malt ice blended was alright. We felt that it was a little tat bit too diluted. The yuzu ice-blended drink was more refreshing. However, we also felt that it was a bit too diluted. Probably because they added too much ice.

My overall verdict? Actually, I can't give a rating now because I only tried it's truffle fries. For the ambience, I feel that it is not the high-classed kind, rather, it's vibe is more relaxing and one that has no worries. It also has a massage menu as it's name suggests. So, if you're up for some massage, you could give it a try.

If you're looking for a more relaxed and peaceful place to chitchat, I guess you can consider Chillax Massage Cafe as this place is not known to many and thus, can be quite peaceful on Friday nights where you can chill with one whole big group of friends.

28 Maju Avenue
1st Level Serangoon Garden Estate
Tel: 6244 5529



  1. How much is the massage?

    1. Hi Anon,

      The massage prices vary starting from about $30 an hour and it depends on what massage you do.

      We didn't try the massage though. Do let us know how it is if you're trying! :)