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Nam Nam Noodle Bar is a newly opened Vietnamese Noodle eatery at Raffles City. We decided to try it out as we heard that it serves good pho at affordable prices. Also, it is under the same restaurant group as Canele, so it took some area of Canele's. 

Nam Nam Noodle Bar

While waiting to be served
Nam Nam does not charge any service charge! As such, be prepared to do some self-serving. You will be seated. In the vintage cup holding napkins, you will see the order chit and pencil. That's how you look through the menu and tick your choices on your own. I think the menu and order chit is rather straightforward; no frills.

Order Chit

Vintage Container holding napkins and order chit

Other than pho, they do have other food options. They have Banh Mi which is their Vietnamese sandwich. If you're interested in choosing your own ingredients, they do have a Sandwich counter right at the entrance. Prices of Banh Mi, if I am not wrong is less than $10.

The Menu
What caught my eyes are the sauces that are on the table. They have fish sauce, chili fish sauce, Maggi Seasoning and some other Vietnamese-brand sauce. You can feel free to experiment the sauces and see which one goes best with your noodles.

Sauces Galore

The "Bar"
We ordered 3 different noodles. Dried Sauteed Lemongrass Pork Noodle ($7.90) was ordered by my friend who wanted to try something different. The noodle in the dish is thin glass noodles (like tang hoon). Basically it does not have much flavor, because, you are expected to mix the sauces in. My friend added a little of every sauce and surprisingly, her concoction made the noodles good. I like how the sourness of the lime blended with the saltiness of the sauces. It is a dish that is very appetizing. 

Dried Sauteed Lemongrass Pork Noodle
Pho Chicken ($7.80) is the a very basic pho dish. I tasted the soup first without adding the sauces. It was light with the taste of chicken broth and part of the flavor came from the onions and spring onions that were in the soup. For those who prefer something more flavorful, you can mix the sauces in. I felt that the soup was not too salty and it really is comfort food.

Pho Chicken

Pho beef steak slices ($8.90) suits those who are craving for some red meat. The soup without adding sauces taste stronger than Pho Chicken. My friend who ate it finds it salty enough and she did not add any sauces in her soup. I guess, i really is personal preference. Beef Slices wise, it was well-cooked, with it not being too raw nor too tough. 

Pho Beef Steak Slices

The down-thing on that day was that the Vietnamese Spring Roll ($4.50) was served last. I have always thought the dish to be an appetizer. The Rice Paper wrapping, I felt was a big too thick for my liking. I liked the sauce that came with the dish which was a bit like miso with lime. It went well with the Rolls. 

Vietnamese Southern Rolls

Overall, we all felt that the price was reasonable for the quality of the food. However, we all felt hungry after eating our own bowls of noodle and ate Tiong Bahru Bakery. I guess it is not very filling because it is the noodles are light and not too starchy. Plus, there wasn't much other ingredients in the dish. I feel that it would be more worth it to dine in during lunch as they have a Special Value Set Meal (10am-3pm) at only $9.90 with Vietnamese Southern Rolls and a drink to go with your noodles. Pretty worth it!

For Casual dining, and if you're craving for some affordable pho, do make your way there!

My Rating: 6.9/10
Must Tries: Pho and VIetnamese Southern Rolls 

Lunch Set Menu
252 North Bridge Road
#B1-46 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6333 0500

With Love, Y

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