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Société Canteen (Cluny Court) | ThumbsForFood

I have been wanting to try Société Canteen along Bukit Timah Road. My friend has been persistently recommending me to visit this cafe for its coffee. We visited this place on a Saturday afternoon and were pleasantly surprised to find it rather unoccupied except for 2 other tables. Société Canteen is an Australian style coffee and cafe fare.

And they have an open kitchen concept, which is pretty cool. I feel that this made the whole cafe seems more spacious!

They have a selection of pastries, loaves of bread and daily baked quiches on their counter. Good snacks to go along with your coffee [: I do find the loaf of bread a tad too pricey though. I mean, a loaf of bread that costs $10?

Looks appetizing?
As we asked for recommendations, they suggested the Portuguese Egg Tarts which were freshly baked.  I feel that its pretty good, especially the crust of the egg tart!

Portuguese Tart - $4.00

Apparently, this is the new creation by the chef. 

Strawberry Pancakes $12. This was complimentary on the house. Thank you Société Canteen for letting us taste your new creation [: And we all thought that the homemade strawberry jam was really nice. It is not too sweet while not too tasteless. The decorations was pretty too!

Well, for non-coffee drinkers, here is something for you! They have a range of T2 teas from Australia. Looks pretty good to me!

We tried the Sleep Tight and the Just Chamomile teas. It smells really great and the teas were refreshing!

Société Canteen use Papapalheta's terra firma blend primarily and on occasion feature famous espresso blends from around the World. 

The coffee is a must-try in cafes! We had the Magic, Piccolo Latte, & the Latte. Price range around $5-$6. 

Latte - $5

Piccolo Latte - $5

Magic - $6
All in all, I think this can easily be one of my favourite cafes in town. I would definitely drop by again to have a try at the brunch! Yes, they do serve brunch such as Eggs Benedicts $15. 

And, please also read our reviews on Cupcake Engineer to check out if their cupcakes are worth your $4!

Our ratings of Société Canteen: 7.5/10

Société Canteen
Tues-Fri: 1000-1900
Sat-Sun: 0800-1900

501 Bukit Timah Road
Cluny Court
Singapore 259760


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