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Cupcake Engineer (Cluny Court) | ThumbsForFood

Cupcake craze has been rife in Singapore. As we were in the area to try Societe Canteen (Do look out for our upcoming review), we decided to give Cupcake Engineer a try. Did it pass our taste test? Read on to find out more!

It is a pretty small shop that is situated in Cluny Court. It does not have much seating capacity in the store. Outdoors, there are two tables with 4 seating capacity each. Hence, not exactly a place to chillout, but more of a takeaway store. 

Opening Hours and shop interior
I understand that the concept is where an Engineering Graduate, Rachel, who set up this shop to "engineer" cupcakes that are of unique flavors. And yes, indeed the cupcakes are quite special in flavor. They have like Horlicks, Bandung, Matcha and even Spicy Chocolate.

Flavors in-store

Cupcakes on display
Each cupcake is priced at $4! And yes, that's quite expensive considering that the price of 12 cupcakes is at $3 and Plain Vanilla ones are at $3.50. They have a few drinks choices, but, nothing fancy.

 Time for taste test...

Hot Chocolate, as you can see below is decorated with a chili. The frosting on top was not very even and pretty to look at. And no, we did not appreciate the taste of the chocolate cupcake infused with chili flavor. It just wasn't our kind of cupcake.

Hot Chocolate Cupcake
Ho-Ho-Ho-rlicks was our other choice. It is decorated with cream and topped with a chocolate ball. Firstly, the cupcake was disappointing. It did not have a horlick flavor that it was trying to have. We believe that the cream on the cupcake is very important and essential as it is supposed to complement the cupcake. However, it was too oily and buttery. All in all, no horlicks taste plus chocolate ball tasted like Maltesers.

Overall, we think the concept of creating unique flavored cupcakes is one that is good and different. However, we feel that taste of the cupcake is still of utmost important. If the taste of the cupcake isn't up to the mark, then, it is not worth a try. For $4, the cupcakes are priced too high.

Our Ratings: 5/10

501 Bukit Timah Road
#01-03A Cluny Court
Tel: 9647 4732

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Cheers, Y

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