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Authentic and affordable Mexican food is hard to find in Singapore! As we were missing the Mexican food we had in the States, we decided to hunt for Mexican food to satisfy our cravings. 

After some searching on the net, we decided to head to Viva Mexico which had good reviews online. The restaurant is authentically decorated and furbished with the Mexican ambience. 

Mexican Restaurants pride themselves in their Margaritas and Tequila. In Viva, they serve 100% Agave Tequila. They also have a wide variety of drinks that are available.

Drinks Counter

Ambience in the Restaurant

Adobo Chicken with Lime ($27) comes with salad, refried beans and Mexican rice. Personally, I felt that the chicken was not something that was very special. we had anticipated for the lime taste to permeate through the chicken but it just tasted like the lime was drizzled on top of the chicken. I liked the Mexican rice but feel that the portion is really quite small. The refried beans is seen to be a mash-like paste below. Surprisingly, it goes really well when mixed with the Adobo sauce as a dip for the chicken. For the price of the dish, I felt that portion was also small. They could at least gave more rice.

Adobo Chicken with Lime: $27
The waiter recommended Prawns Diabla ($26). Diabla means the devil, which suggests that the dish is a VERY SPICY dish. However, it was really not very spicy. By our benchmark, we felt that it wasn't spicy. It is served with tomato, chipotle and guajillo chili with rice. Nay, I wouldn't order this dish again as well.

Prawns Diabla: $26
We ordered a Strawberry Margarita ($16) to share. It was refreshing but high in alcohol content.

Strawberry Magarita: $13
One of out Favorite Dish of the day would be Beef Fajitas ($25). We regretted not ordering shrimps fajita or chicken fajita instead of Prawns Diabla. I do not have a photo of the flour tortilla, but yes, how do you eat a fajitas? You need to add the beef , the guacamole and red salsa onto the tortilla. Make it into a wrap and sink your teeth in. It is just awesome!

Beef Fajita with Tortilla (4 tortillas in a set) : $25
Next would be another favorite! Cheese Nachos ($14) is not your usual kind of nachos with cheese dip. It is nachos baked in cheese and topped with jalapenos, guacamole and sour cream. Caution: Jalapeno is spicy, so if you don't want it, please inform the waiter to have it removed. Okay, cheese baked with Nachos is really too awesome! The thought of it makes my tummy rumble.

Cheese Nachos: $14
Viva Mexico is really quite a small and cozy shop. They even have live Mexican singers playing the guitar on some nights. Ladies have free flow of certain alcohol on Wednesdays! Below are some pictures of the place.

Interior of the Restaurant

Exterior of the restaurant

Overall, we had a good time dining in Viva Mexico. If you have any recommendations for other good Mexican food, do let us know!

Our Ratings: 7.5/10
Must-tries: Cheese Nachos, Fajitas

23 Cuppage Road
Cuppage Terrace
Tel: 66816670

Love, Y

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