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Venues' Special: Star Vista | ThumbsForFood

Today's post is different from our usual food reviews. We are going to have a Venue's Special where we will introduce what's there to eat at a certain place/mall. So, today, it will be a new mall at Buona Vista called Star Vista. The design of the mall is uniquely integrated into the natural environment in the area. I will be introducing some special eateries in the mall that might entice you!

As this mall is newly opened, not all the dining places are open yet. So, we would update this post regularly. Do look out for updates on food places that we will be trying in this mall!


Fresh-Healthy Cafe
6694 0884

Fresh Healthy Cafe serves nutritious and healthy food such as smoothies, sandwiches, panini, e.t.c. They are dedicated to serve wholesome food made from natural ingredients that are eco-friendly as well. Their packaging is also environmentally friendly. Those who wish to dine a sumptuous and healthy meal, do try this cafe out! You can access their menu here.

Canton Paradise Teahouse
6694 2915

Canton Paradise prides themselves in serving authentic Cantonese dishes. They serve congee, dimsum, roast meat and many more Hong Kong classic dishes. If you are craving for some Cantonese food, this would probably be your dining choice.

Itacho Sushi
6694 0880

Itacho is chief chef in Japanese. Sushi is served instantly when customers order. Hence, the sushi it serves is fresh and tasty. We have not tried the Itacho at this branch, but, at Plaza Singapura and Ion Orchard. It's has a wide variety of sushi and sashimi. For sushi lovers, Itacho is a place you might want to consider.

6684 0112

-18C serves Frozen Yogurt and you can choose the toppings you want. It promises 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives, artificial sweeteners or coloring! So you'll feel assured enjoying a cup of Froyo in this humid and sunny Singapore.


Sofries is from Sogurt that is also available on the same level of the mall. Sofries offer 15 different flavored dips with different type of fries that you can choose from. Cereal Fries is their recommendation. So if you're in for a snack, do try it out!

Xi Men Jie

Taiwanese street food is available from Xi Men Jie. Street Food is served and are priced at affordable prices. If you're a fan of Taiwanese food, do give it a try and see whether it is different from the more commonly found Shihlin.

Menya Musashi
6694 2515

The shop is named after a legendary Samurai. It's soup broth is creamier than other ramen ad comes in white, red and black versions. It's signature is it's Tonkatsu broth. It is established in Japan since 1996 and has since become a household name. For ramen lovers, seems like you've got yourself a good place.

Level One

Jamaica Blue
6694 4592

Jamaica Blue is a cafe that serves pastries, cakes as well as main course. The highlight would be its coffee! For our review of Jamaica Blue, click HERE.

Pinnochio (Bar Gelataria)
6694 5727

Pinocchio is a gelato cafe. It allows customers to choose their own flavors and toppings. What is unique is that it is Pinnochio-themed. So, do not tell lies lest your nose grow long in Pinnochio!

Boston Seafood Shack
6694 3984

Boston Seafood Shack, from it's name, you will know that it serves Seafood in Boston style. Boston Premium Lobstah Rolls is their recommendation. If you're in favor of some fish and chips and American-styled platters, Boston Seafood Shack might be your choice.

District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant
6694 2884

District 10 serves more than 35 tapas and pinchos in its 80-seater restaurant. It's specials include Grilled Argentinean Rib-eye and Pizza with Iberico Ham Rocket and Pamesan Cheese. It has many other Spanish dishes that will whet your appetite. What's more, it has a resident DJ that will spice up your meal with some music. This place sounds like a good place to chill-out with some friends.

6994 4352

Similar to the concept of Soup Spoon, EspresSoup serves a variety of soups in bread-bowls. Also, EspresSoup's soup does not contain MSG. It's only preservative used is Mayonnaise. When the weather is rainy and hot, you might just want to warm yourself with a bowl of soup.

Hot Tomato Cafe and Grill
6684 1810

As the name suggests, Hot Tomato serves many main courses that are grilled such as Sirloin Steak and Norwegian Salmon. It also serves a variety of desserts. Besides that, its food is cooked with Olive Oil and spiced with herbs. It is not pre-cooked nor do they use trans fat. From my understanding, food is priced at affordable prices and they do have promotions in-store.

Level Two

6694 4696

BORNGA is a renowned BBQ restaurant in Korea and it's first restaurant in Singapore is set up right here in Star Vista. It is led by celebrity chef Jong Won PAIK. Chef Paik's recipes and marinades is renowned in other countries. Korean food lovers, this would be a good place to try out since it has such a resounding reputation.

Brotzeit- German Bier Bar and Restaurant
6694 3652

Brotzeit is known for it's friendly, unpretentious service in a comfortable dining setting. It serves german food with beer. A good place to hangout with your buddies for some drinks.

CoCo Ichibanya
6579 2457

CoCo Ichibanya is Japan's no.1 curry house with more than 30 years of experience. Spiciness level, kinds of sauce and number of toppings is all within your control and preference.

Lee's Taiwanese

Lee's Taiwanese hopes to bring Keelung Night Market's food into Singapore. It serves authentic Taiwanese food. Even the sauces are imported direct from Taiwan so that the taste of the food is not compromised. Besides food, it also serves authentic Taiwanese desserts and drinks. For those missing the food in Taiwan, this would probably be a good place for you to reminisce.

6694 3635

First outlet in Singapore is right here in Star Vista. The restaurant boosts a large space of indoor and alfresco dining. It's concept is from American Barbeque where their signature is pork ribs named Sticky Bones. It seems like a place suitable for large groups and gatherings with family and friends.

Porn's Sexy.Thai.Food.
6694 2501

Porn's is opened by a Chinese TV host in Singapore, Pornsak. They pride themselves by cooking curry and Thai Soups one bowl at a time, albeit slow but tasty. We walked past Porn's and I noticed the decoration is inspired from Graffiti Art that is more dynamic and youthful. It aims to be more chic and trendy.

Senor Taco
6694 2320

Senor Taco will have a modern, authentic Mexican ambience with a variety of Latin and English pop, dance and R&B music to hype up the atmosphere. It serves a wide range of street food and Mexican specialties with Singapore's widest range of premium tequila. It seems like a good place to meetup and have a fun dinner with friends.

Yomenya Goemon
6694 3570

For our review on Yomenya Goemon, click HERE. Yomenya Goemon serves Japanese pasta and fusion pasta. Something special about this place is that you use chopsticks to eat your pasta. Up to the challenge?

Awfully Chocolate
6694 4805

Awfully Chocolate is hardly unknown to anyone in Singapore. In this branch at Star Vista, you can dine in after your purchase. It is a good place to have some chocolate desserts after your dinner.

6694 3070

The first time I ate Blackball was in Malaysia and I got to say it was love at first taste! Super good Taiwanese dessert that is unique and different from any other kinds of dessert. The Signature combo boosts grass jelly, sweet potato and yam balls which will leave you craving for it. Do look out for our review on Blackball in Star Vista!

OVERALL, Star Vista is a spacious and comfortable mall that has many new eateries that are firsts in Singapore. The many dining places are what makes it attractive and alluring. If you're a student in NUS or someone working at the Biopolis, Star Vista would be a great place to hangout after work and school with friends. We are pretty sure it will be a popular mall in near future. We are sure to frequent the mall to try out the various restaurants, so be sure to pop by this post for updates!

We hope you like our Special Post. You can write into for any feedback or recommendations!

Till next time,

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