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Carousel is a popular Halal buffet in Singapore. It is one of the few Halal buffets in Singapore. Moreover, it is also widely raved about for its variety and quality. As such, I was excited to try it out. I had the High Tea Buffet at $33++ on a weekday. 

The Seafood Selection consists of prawns, mussels and some scallops. Being a Seafood Lover, I was pleased. Even though it was High Tea, they do offer some seafood. The prawns were succulent and yummy! I had almost 5-8 of them. The mussels are really fresh too. Mussels and prawns are a must have! 

Seafood Selection
Right next to the Seafood Selection, is the Japanese Section, consisting of makis, sushi and sashimi. I was also happy to see sashimi! They had yellow tail, tuna and salmon sashimi. I guess I didn't really like the cut because it was a little small. They had salmon belly and that was good even though it was small. I would say it's of average quality.
Japanese Section
They have a wide range of Chinese food as well. Like dimsum, fried rice and other dishes. The Lo Mai Kai (Chicken Glutinous Rice) is a must try the rice is yummy. Better than I expected. They had other stuff like ngoh hiam (Chinese beancurd roll) and stuff. Not too bad, but nothing particularly exciting. Plus point is the variety.

Chinese Food Section (Cooked Food)
They also have a noodle section where they prepared laksa. Yummy I would say. Portion is just right, not too filling. I really like the gravy. Only thing is that they don't have "hum" (cockles) that I can add. Would totally appreciate some cockles with laksa. This is a must-try! Add more chili to suit your level of spiciness.

Laksa Station
They have an Indian Station where you can make your own wraps. What caught my eye was the kebab roasting. The heat is a bit too overwhelming though. Makes it hard to stay there for long to make my wrap. But really, you must try making your own wrap. Take a slice of wrap, put some orange sauce, add chicken and whatever ingredients you want and pop it in your mouth. Really good! 

Indian Section
Indian Section
They have a sandwich and salad station that I did not manage to take photos of. Rather, I took photos of the dessert section! What's high tea without desserts, aye?

They have scones, muffins and croissants for those looking for something to go with your hot tea/coffee. Yes, coffee and tea is free-flow!

Bread and pastries section
They have kueh section which I don't really fancy much cos' I don't like coconut. They have mini brownies, tarts and cakes at the far end of the picture below. Not a bad spread.

Kueh, cakes and pies section

And yes, they have fondue! Not one, but 2! They even have a strawberry fondue which is not very common. And look, they have a wide range of dips and fruits that can go with it. The strawberry fondue is not too bad, taste like the pocky strawberry. Goes well with biscuits. I prefer chocolate with marshmallows and fruits.

Fondue Station
Singaporean-style dessert is also available. Make your own ice-kachang and pick your own favorite toppings to go with it! I love atap seeds with my ice kachang, how about you?

Ice Kachang Station
I missed a photo of the Warm chocolate cake and Bread pudding section. But well, these 2 are a must try! I have a photo of my own chocolate cake though! It looks really good right? Best eaten when just after they refill the tray, when the chocolate is sill molten and flowy. Not too sweet and totally awesome! You can add two scoops of vanilla ice-cream. Yes, they have ice-cream counter too!

Chocolate Cake
Overall, I feel that it's a really good Halal high tea buffet with wide variety of choices. For $33++, it's quite reasonable. Though I would think that their main courses and cooked food could have more surprises and better taste. 

For my Muslim friends, Carousel is really a must-try! :) Treat yourself to a good meal with your year-end bonus!

Our Rating: 8.4/10

Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel Singapore  2282206589 7897

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