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Pho Hoa has been around for quite sometime and recently it opened a new branch at Suntec. So how did the food fare?

I did not take not of the exact price. For appetizers/starters, it's about $4-$8. For noodles, it ranged from $12-$20plus depending on the choice of your beef (they have loin, flank and other different parts). 

We ordered 3 types of starters. Fried Roll, Sugarcane Prawn and Scallop Roll. It's an alternative to the traditional type of Vietnamese Spring Roll if you don't really fancy Basil leaf. I felt that the dishes were pretty average. If you would ask me to pick one, I would probably choose scallop roll as I prefer the kind of crust it has. 

Scallop Roll
Fried Vietnamese Roll tasted really like the normal Chinese Spring Roll. Nothing special.

Fried Vietnamese Roll
Sugarcane Prawn
The highlight of the restaurant would be pho, as suggested by the name. Pho is actually stick noodles in soup and depending on your preference, you can choose beef (of different parts of the beef) or chicken. I would think the beef pho would be a better choice since it's renowned for it.

Pho would be served with a plate of taugays (beansprouts) , basil leaf, lime and chili. You can add them based on your preference. 

Side condiments that come with Pho
Pho with beefballs, flank and beef slices
For those not craving for noodles, you can try their rice plates. The rice plate comes with your choice of meat and a side, which is the fried Vietnamese roll. The grilled chicken is quite nice and tender. Other than that, the dish is quite average as well.

Overall, I think Pho Hoa serves comfort Vietnamese Pho, but there is nothing too extraordinary about it. The price is a bit steep compared to other Vietnamese places, probably also due to its location.

Overall Rating: 7/10

18 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Tel: 64673662Fax: 64662737

Love, Y

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