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Winter Season - Nagomi Omakase Dinner (Cuppage Plaza) | ThumbsForFood

Remember our review Nagomi? Click here to relook at it! So, we were at Nagomi in December last year to try it's Omakase Dinner, Winter Menu. 

Entrance of Nagomi
When you step into the restaurant, you will feel that the whole ambience is cozy, warm and comfortable. The lights however were a little too dim for us. There are counter seats at the side of the table where you will see rows of taverns filled with different kinds of sake. 

Counter lined with taverns of sake
We were excited to try what was in store for us as we didn't know what was on the menu.

So first up, Oysters. For me, I am a huge fan of oysters! I really love oysters. So, I was pleasantly surprised. The oysters were fresh and succulent. The freshness was really overwhelming in the mouth. So good! I would however, prefer more oysters. One was simply not enough.

And then, there was Sashimi Platter. My favorite in the platter is the sea urchin. It was so tasty. The other sashimi was however, disappointing probably because the platter was not cold enough. For us, sashimi was weighed a lot to us. Hence, it fell short of our expectations.

Sashimi Platter
Next up, a hit for us. The cheek of winter jacket fish, if i didn't remember wrongly. It was so good. Definitely one of our favorites. The flesh of the fish is so smooth and so tasty. For me, who is not too much of a fish lover, I loved it.

Cheek of Winter Jacket
Alaskan Crab was next! The flesh of the crab was fresh and I guess that's important when you eat cold seafood. Having said that, it was not particularly astounding in taste.

Alaskan Crab
Yes, we ordered some sake. You can describe your preference of sake and they would pick something that would match your preference. For us, we requested from something sweeter. We really liked what was served.

Then, cooked food, which were Shishamo, Pork and Chicken. We requested for no beef during the dinner, so there were no beef dishes. The Shishamo was good and fresh. I like that it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The pork and chicken dishes were not anything extraordinary.



Then, we were served the carbohydrate, porridge, which I felt was a good dish to end because it was hot and warms the stomach. Tasty and comforting.

Chicken Porridge
Lastly, the dessert served was Strawberry. Absolutely tasty, sweet and fragrant. The strawberry flavor totally rich and enriching!

Desserts: Strawberries
Overall, I guessed we went with high expectations and there were some misses on the menu, like the Sashimi which weighed a lot to us. If you enjoy more cooked food, the Omakase dinner here will satisfy you. For $140 per person, we felt it was alright, but, the Sashimi could have been much better.

Our Rating: 7.5/10

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant
5 Koek Road
#02-22 Cuppage Plaza
Tel: 6732 4300

Love, Y

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