Tuesday, 22 January 2013

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Sarang is a Korean restaurant located in Orchard Central. Having heard much about it, we decided to visit it after buying some Groupon Coupons for food there! 

They have indoor and outdoor seats. We were seated outdoors, but, it was comfortable as it was airy. 

Sarang's appearance
Side dishes and Cutlery
 We started off with ordering Japchae from the Tapas section on the menu. The japchae is tasty with the glass noodles being succulent and not too dry.

 We ordered some omijacha and yuzu alcohol. The drinks are quite nice and they have a variety of other drinks that are named after K-pop stars name! Do check it out when you're there.

Omijacha and Yuzu Alcohol
Barbecued Pork Belly was not bad. The good thing is that you can eat comfortably without needing to worry about smelling bad from the barbeque smoke. The meat is quite well-marinated. The dish costs about $30, which is a little steep considering it's portion.

Barbecued Pork Belly
We chose an Army stew, which is the one with Seafood ingredients. They have other kinds of country stews which is of different variations of different ingredients such as seafood, beef and other stuff. The army stew is about $30 which we felt was not worth the money due to its small portion.

Army Stew
Dukbokki was out other choice. This dish was disappointing though because it was small in portion and had different other ingredients. We had expected the focus to be more of the dukbokki, which is the rice cakw other than the other ingredients.

Jajeongmyeon, which is noodles with black bean sauce was also quite disappointing. We preferred the noodles to be less watery. Having said that, the taste was not bad.

 Lastly, we ordered Seafood Pancake. The seafood pancake is crispy on the outside and the seafood ingredients in it is fresh and succulent. For lovers of seafood pancake, do consider trying this!

Seafood pancake
We spent a total of $120 (before Groupon vouchers). Overall, for the price, the portion is quite small. The food is not bad, quite tasty but not extraordinary. I guess we came into conclusion that for the price, there are better Korean Restaurants out there with better prices for good quality food.

Our Rating: 6.8/10

181 Orchard Road
#07-01 Orchard Central
Tel: 67731322

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  1. Hiiiii

    Glad to have found your review on Sarang :)
    Btw, the ddobokki are supposed to have all those things added in them. :) Its called Mo-deum(ALL) ddobokki. Odeng (fishcake on the stick) is amazing with the sauce. :)

    Hope to read more on Korean food on your blog!! :)

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      :) Thank You for sharing with us about Mo-deum ddokbokki! Yes, Odeng is so yummy!

      Thank you for your support for our post and do look out for more Korean food posts!