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Hello! its finally mid-week. Luckily for those working and schooling, it is going to be a short week this week with Good Friday! Okay, today we are going to introduce something different from usual. The Lawn Grill & Salad Cafe is located at Biopolis, just a ten minutes walk from Buona Vista Mrt. There is also a shuttle bus in! 

The idea for The Lawn actually came after a trip to California where they saw that salad-eating can be much more interesting than just having cold, processed meat over the salad. I have always agreed to the old saying that “What’s good for you is almost certainly not going to taste good”. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how savoury the food at The Lawn tasted. I would say The Lawn definitely has provided us with a more delicious alternative to healthy food. 

You can fully customise your salad or rice by choosing the grill and dressings. Yes, the price is affordable for the nice ambience and healthy food you get! 

For the salad, you also get to choose 5 toppings. I really like that they have cheddar cheese as one of the options because I am a real fan of cheese. I miss the days when I went US for exchange and they have cheddar and mozzarella cheese on the counter. My whole salad would just be covered with cheese and it was so so yummy. Of course, they have nuts, olives, eggs, raisins, etc. It all depends on your personal preference! 
I am a seafood lover and so I picked the Chargrilled Prawns as my grill option. I was happy with the portion of the salad as it looked good and plentiful. Just look at the prawns okay, they are really yummy!

Yes, the staff was really nice to let us sample all the available sauces. It was really interesting dipping my salad into the different dressings. For a healthier option, I would suggest the Citrus flavour which was refreshing and light. However, my friend thought that it was a bit too sour for her. Other dressings which scored points with us were the Red Island and the Honeyball. There are so many options, so try it for yourself! 
Look at this big bowl of salad with the generous toppings! :D 

We also had the Soup of the day, which happened to be Pumpkin Soup. I am a person who needs some soup to go along with my meal, thus the choice to order the soup. It was okay, nothing special though!

Well, this was my favourite dish of the day. The olive fried rice with Ben's beef ribs. There were two choices for beef; one was this and the other was the beef cuts. The staff explained to us that the beef cuts were on the sour side while this was more of spicy and savoury. We really liked this dish, especially the beef. It was really easy to bite and well-marinated. It sort of reminded me of the one I had at Chipotle Mexican Grill. One additional plus factor was the mushrooms on top of the rice! I would recommend this to anyone going there for lunch or dinner! I will certainly be back for this again :D 

Yes, The Lawn has a huge outdoor space with grass carpets. I think it would be a nice place to chill after work, when the sun has gone down.

Oh yes, they do delivery within a radius of 2km as well! So, if you are lazy and stay/work around Biopolis, you can always call for delivery!

They have The Tiramisu Hero's tiramisu there as well! I have always wanted to try it, so I decided to just have a try there. It cost $7.50 and we all felt that it was a little too overpriced for the size and quality of the tiramisu! But the packaging was really nice though!

I think the photos would have done enough a job telling you how comfy the place is! Really nice decorations and peaceful ambience. Overall, I feel that the food plus the ambience are worth returning back for. Even a non-salad lover like me fell for the salad! And for people who don't mind the calories, why not try the rice combination with the yummy grill?

So, Meat your Greens at The Lawn!

The Lawn Salad & Grill Cafe
31 Biopolis Way,
Nanos #01-07,
Singapore 138669

For eateries who may like to feature your restaurants here, you may drop us a short write-up about what you offer at!


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