Monday, 25 March 2013

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Maki San has been around for quite some time in the basement of The Cathay. At Maki San, you get to customize your sushi and salad! 

Maki San is actually quite a small eatery. I would find that it is more of a place to grab a bite rather than to go there to have a proper meal. Having said that, I really like the creativity of the shop!

Interior of Maki San

What is cool is that Maki San's sushi rolls come served in this really pretty and colorful drawer-like box that makes one happy and anticipate eating it.

Mega San in the box
As you can see in the pictures below, we picked our own ingredients and they rolled it into a roll, cut it into even pieces and place it in the box. One thing good is that they have quite a substantial amount of ingredients you can choose from. From the choice of wrap to the choice of rice and the sauces, I got to say it took quite long for us to decide what we wanted. 

How's the taste? The ingredients were quite fresh and the roll was wrapped rather well with the rice holding the ingredients in place neatly. What I like is the flexibility of ingredients. However, for the price of $6.90 for a Little San (Regular Size) and $9.90 for a Mega San (Large Size), I still find it quite expensive. I would not consider eating this for a proper meal, especially if you are ravenous. 

Cross-section of our sushi

Our hand-picked sushi (Mega San: $9.90)
Overall, I would say Maki San is not a bad choice for people who want a light and relatively healthy meal! Price wise, I would say it's a little steep. And we tried the Miso Soup which tasted just mediocre.

Our Rating: 6.5/10

2 Handy Road
#B1-17/18 The Cathay
Tel: 67378772


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