Friday, 12 April 2013

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Well, have you read the previous post on ROOM at ARC? Today, we are going to introduce to an Italian Restaurant over at ARC: Bistroquet Pizza and Grill. It is on the 2nd level, right opposite Ichiban sushi. The business there generally is quite quiet so no reservations will be needed.

Decorations are simple and it is just a convenient place for people who just knocked off work nearby to chill and have a meal. They have happy hour promotions for their drinks! We had the one-for-one beer and it totally up to around 7$ per bottle! Not bad a deal.

Yes, they have an open-kitchen concept so we can see them throwing our pizza in for a toast [:

Truffle Fries $8. I think readers would have know that I'm a crazy fan of Truffle Fries and so when I saw this on the menu, I went like OMG. Yes, I definitely have to order this! Well, the truffle taste on the fries wasn't the best I have had but I think its a good portion to have. I really love the extra cheese sprinkles and slices they added on top of the fries!

Pizza with Parma ham & Rocket Salad $23. They have 2 sizes for their pizza and we took the large one. As you can see, it was quite disappointing as the toppings were really minimal. What was worse was that they were really stingy with the cheese. Look at the bare bare pizza!

They serve grills, pizzas and other main courses as well. But, I tried the pizza as I thought it would be   
their specialty! Was disappointed but luckily for the truffle fries and beer that made up for the

Our ratings of Bistroquet: 6.8/10

Bistroquet Pizza and Grill

460 Alexandra Road
#02-20 Alexandra Retail Centre
Tel: 66816445


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