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Do you know where is ARC (Alexandra Retail Centre)? It is located at Labrador Mrt Station and just along the Pasir Panjang stretch! I guess this place caters mainly to the working adults there as most shops close early. Spinelli there closes at 7pm, if I remember correctly! One fine day, we decided to visit this place and have a food hunt and so we found ROOM. It is a cosy little cafe tucked at a corner of ARC. I really liked the simple decorations of the place. 

Oh yes, I need to mention the most important point! There is actually one-for-one for the pastas on weekday nights, from 6 pm onwards. I am not sure how long the promotion would last for, so if you are interested, catch it soon!

Spicy Prawn Linguine $17. Well, they had the description -ask for more chili padi if you dare- and so I was anticipating this dish to be spicy. I guess I was pretty disappointed when it turned out to be not spicy at all. The taste was okay and there were quite a few prawns around! I like the rocket vegetables scattered on top of the pasta! 

Seafood Linguine in Black Pepper Oyster Sauce $14. Peppery asian pasta served with scallops and prawns. I guess it tasted much like the black pepper seafood pasta at swensen's but I would prefer the latter hands down. Pretty plain plate of pasta I would say. 

Okay, this is really random. But we found this sign to be cute so we decided to take a photo of it. Yes, there is free wifi for those who are interested!

Carbonara $12.5. This was good. But I guess it was a little too peppery for me. For the price, I would say I am satisfied with the standard! 

Prawn Laksa Pesto Spaghetti $14. Well, this is the best of all 4 pastas in my opinion. But, it is really up to individual. It was really savoury and I finished it to the last bit. Really worth a try, especially if you like your food with a little more zest and spice!

All in all, I would say ROOM serves up pretty mediocre pastas but the price is really a bargain, especially if you visit it during its one-for-one promotion. One person only need to pay around $7 bucks! And one more thing, it runs on a self-service concept so do not expect to be served and waited on. 

ROOM coffee. bar also serves up brunch on both weekdays and weekends at pretty affordable prices! Eggs benedict is only at $11. I would certainly take time out on a Saturday morning to try the breakfast at ROOM if I am around the vicinity! 

Our rating of ROOM coffee. bar: 6.8/10 (based on the pastas)

460 Alexandra Road
#01-18 Alexandra Retail Centre
Tel: 65918873

Opening hours: 
Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 20:00

Sat & Sun: 10:00 - 18:00


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