Thursday, 4 April 2013

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Tatsuya is said to be one of the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Being a Japanese food lover, I was dying to try out Tatsuya. Well, for starters, we went for the lunch sets on a weekend. Would love to try their Omakase in near future! 

Do make reservations in advance before you visit Tatsuya because they are usually fully booked.

Tatsuya's Entrance
We tried 4 different bentos for their set lunch.

The first is Sushi, Yakizakana Bento ($28.90). It is actually sushi with cod fish. When the bentos came, the first thing that caught my eye was the tamago. It actually has Tatsuya written on it. How beautiful and detailed! The cod fish was really fresh and nice. The cod fish melted in the mouth with a smooth cod fish oil coat. Totally yummy. The sushi selection included swordfish, tuna, yellowtail and salmon. It really was fresh and good.

Sushi, Yakizakana Bento
Sashimi Bento was served with rice and some tempura. The tempura was fried nicely with the batter not too thick. The sashimi, rice and tempura combination was good.

Sashimi Bento ($28.90)
For unagi lovers, we would recommend you the Unajyu Bento ($30.90). Different from the other bentos, this bento offers unagi. My unagi lover friend really like this set.

You can see the picture below for what they offer in the lunch set. Yes, fruits, miso soup and chawanmushi. Really wholesome I would say.

Sushi Bento ($30.90)
 Overall, we enjoyed dining at Tatsuya. The service was good and even though we dined at the al fresco area, it was not too warm. For the price, the bentos were definitely worth it! Do give it a try if you're a Japanese food lover.

Tatsuya located at the side of Goodwood Park Hotel
Our Rating: 8.5/10

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Tel: 68874598


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