Tuesday, 2 April 2013

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The Sushi Bar was recommended by a colleague for it's good aburi salmon sushi. Excited to try out a new Japanese hunt, we headed down to Far East Plaza. The Sushi Bar is located at an inconspicuous corner of Far East Plaza. The whole concept of Sushi Bar is kept simple with no frills. 

Interior of Sushi Bar
We started the dinner with Daikon Salad ($6.90) which is served with colors! Green for the seaweed, yellow for the egg shreds, pink and orange for the roe. It makes one happy just looking at the salad. And, yes, the taste is totally refreshing with sesame vinegaratte dressing. It's totally appetizing and the different textures make the salad just perfect.

Daikon Salad ($6.90)
Next, Scallop Mentaiyaki ($13.90). Thin scallop slices served with mentaiko mayonnaise. The scallop is torched with retains it's fresh scallop flavor. I really like the combination. Only thing is that I would prefer the scallop slices to be thicker!

Scallop Mentaiyaki ($13.90)
Salmon Aburi Roll ($13.90 for 8 rolls) was the highlight! Just looking at the appearance of the Salmon Aburi already makes one drool. The softshell crab is wrapped in the nicely packed japanese rice and topped with torched salmon and mayo. It's just really good and have one craving for it after every bite!

Salmon Aburi Roll ($13.90 for 8 rolls) 
Chawanmushi ($2.80) was our choice as well. A good bowl of Chawanmushi is hard to find. The one in Sushi Bar is topped with a generous serving of roe! I really love roe and that's what I love about Sushi Bar, their roe! The egg of the Chawanmushi is really smooth. I could really do away with the steamed chicken at the bottom of the chawanmushi though! 

Then, we tried the various sushi including tamago sushi, salmon sushi, salmon aburi sushi and soft shell crab temaki. I must say the sushi are all delicious. The tamago was cooked very well and to perfection that for someone who will never order tamago sushi, I think I will definitely order it the next time I come back. The salmon sushi and and salmon aburi sushi are also very fresh. 

For those who love handrolls, they have various choices from the classic california temaki to my favorite the soft shell crab temaki! It's about $2.50 onwards for a roll. I think it's really worth it because the soft shell crab is fried well, retaining it's juiciness of the crab.

Tamago Sushi ($2 each)
Salmon Sushi ($1.20 each)
Soft Shell Crab Temaki ($4.20 each)
Overall, I think for the food, I will be back to The Sushi Bar! Especially for the Salmon Aburi Roll. With no gst and service charge, the Sushi Bar only accept cash which I'm totally fine. The prices are definitely reasonable for the quality of food. There is not much of an ambience I would say. But, what more could you ask for?

Our Rating: 8/10

The Sushi Bar
#03-89, Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road
9625 0861

Love, Y

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