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Coastes is located along Siloso Beach. It is not difficult to spot the blue and white themed seaside bar and restaurant amidst the other beach bars and restaurants.
Seating Area 
We arrived there in the early evening for a meal and so there wasn't many patrons around. The majority seating area is opening air with rustic-feel benches and tables. I like the ambience which is pretty relaxing with the sea a stone's throw away. There are also several trees around that provide a tinge of greenery.

The concept of Coastes is that you will order your food at the counter yourself. The kitchen can be seen through a glass pane. I like the sight of cooks in the kitchen preparing the food as t makes me feel assured that the food is prepared and served fresh. It's really a kind of assurance.

Counter to Order and Restaurant's Facade
View that overlooks Coastes
They serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages which I feel are average-priced. The Sol costs about $11 while mojito costs about $12. What can be more enjoyable than a cup of cool beer and iced mojito to have in a hand while you enjoy the food and breeze?

We ordered a few dishes to share. The seafood platter (about $39) was one of our choices. As many familiar readers of our blog would know, I'm a seafood lover, thus, anything that's seafood would naturally attract me! The seafood platter consists of 6 different kinds of seafood cooked in various ways.

As you can see below, They have grilled prawns, deep fried calamari and oysters, stewed mussels, cooked crayfish and sauce, cooked clams and the one in the middle which is covered by a lid is a tomato-based seafood stew. The seafood stew is for the dipping of the garlic bread on the far left. I would say the best out of all is the seafood stew in the middle. It goes really well with bread. The least favorite would be the clams that had an over-fishy stench, that indicated that they were either not washed thoroughly or not fresh.

Well, I would say for two people, this seafood platter is a good choice if you're looking for finger food that has no frills. Easy to eat and has variety. I would definitely appreciate if the seafood is fresher and more succulent.

Seafood Platter
The other dish is the seafood linguine in white wine sauce (about $20+). I think the standard of the pasta is pretty mediocre. The white wine sauce wasn't very fragrant so it wasn't appetising enough. If cooked well, the white wine sauce should be able to enhance the seafood taste. I appreciated the generous servings of clams in it. Surprisingly, the clams in the pasta did not have a stench like the one in the seafood platter.

Seafood linguine in white wine sauce
Last but not least, we ordered a pizza. The pizza was thin crust. Nothing extraordinary but definitely palatable.

All in all, I would say that Coastes has a nice ambience by the beach of Siloso. A great place to get a drink, lie on a sunbed and chill with a couple of friends. But, for the food solely, I don't think it's worth it to come all the way into Sentosa. The thing that was irritating were the flies around towards the end of the meal. Other than that, if you're in the area no harm trying out the food!

I would love to visit this place to have a tan on the sunbeds of Coastes with a beer in hand.

Overall Rating: 6.8/10

50 Siloso Beach Walk  Singapore 099000
6274 9668

Love, Y

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