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Tsukada Nojo (Plaza Singapura) | ThumbsForFood

The new Plaza Singapura extension sure has lots of unique restaurants to offer. Besides Hoshino Coffee and Tim Ho Wan, I guess the next popular restaurant would be Tsukada Nojo. 

Having heard much about this restaurant, we decided to give it a try! 

Be warned that it is not easy to get a table in the restaurant as it has limited seating capacity per night. Once its quota is met, sorry, you'll have to visit the place another time. The good thing is if you're there early to queue (before 7pm), they would put you on a waiting list with different timings to expect. So, you can go off shopping and be back when your timeslot is ready. 

When you enter the shop, you can see that it is open kitchen concept, where you can see the preparation process of your food. 

Kitchen Area 
Before I go into the highlight of the restaurant, we ordered a cold dish as an appetizer which is the chicken below. It is of quite average standard. Not too bad to whet your appetite but, nothing much to rave about too. 

Appetiser: Chicken
The highlight is this Collagen Hotpot. It is made from the bones of Organic Chicken, called "Jitokko" which is a precious chicken in Japan. The solidified collagen is made by boiling the bones for 8hours and then into the shape seen below. So, they will add the solidified collagen into pot and bring it to boil. The solid will slowly turn into liquid which is a thick chicken broth-like soup base.

When you order the collagen hotpot, it is actually in the amount seen above. But, you can feel free to request refill of collagen when your soup is depleting. 

Ingredients wise, it is $28++ per pax with minimum of 2 pax orders. The good thing is if you have 4 people and do not like all the ingredients on the set, you can order 2 standard sets and other ala carte items that are of your own preference. The ingredients are shown below. 

The ingredients are fresh and from what I understand, all the ingredients serve a certain healthy and beauty purpose.

Ingredients for the hotpot

Other than the collagen hotpot, there is also riceballs priced from $3 to $3.50 ++. They are really huge! Wrapped in meat, glazed and topped with your preferred toppings, this side dish is suitable for sharing. Too much for a person to finish. Not too bad if you want to try something different.

Back to the soup; add all the ingredients in and tuck in! They have a sequence of adding the ingredients to get the optimal taste and effect. So, you can refer to the steps when you're in the restaurant. 

My friend warned me that the soup was really oily. But, I guess it was okay. The soup was really wholesome. Rather than it being oily, it had a sticky after effect. Collagen, that's right. The soup come with ramen that you can choose the type you like. Either the super thin ones or the fatter ones.

Soup boiling with ingredients

If you're still feeling hungry and want more carbo, you can order the "porridge" where they will serve a plate of rice. Add it in and eat it with the soup. Really awesome how the porridge tastes like. 

I guess Tsukada Nojo was really quite a unique experience on its own. If you would like to try it, remember to go early to avoid disappointments!

Our Rating: 8.7/10

Tsukada Nojo
60B Orchard Road
The Atrium@Orchard

Love, Y

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