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Sabar Menanti II Nasi Pasang has been in North Bridge Road for years. Don't be confused when you see another Sabar Menanti across the street. Both of them are actually from the same family but opened their own stores. 

My friend recommended Sabar Menanti II, so, we were there to try the Nasi Padang. For those who got sick of the usual western Brunch Menu of bread, eggs and coffee, no harm giving Nasi Padang a go! It is where you pick from a variety of dishes and eat it with rice. A bit similar to the Chinese-style mixed vegetable rice.

Ordering Counter at the inside of the store
When you step into the shop, it's like a typical Malay coffeeshop. What I like is the clean environment and the sight of intergenerational families having Nasi Padang together. 

Interior of store
Food wise, we ordered some dishes to share. Personally, we really enjoy sharing food with friends so that we get variety. If you don't like the idea, or is there alone, you can order your own plate! Okay so here are what we ordered...

Nasi Padang

Ayam Penyet is something that many love! And the one here is quite delicious. It is well-marinated and fried well to retain it's flavor. It is not too dry. Chicken lovers, this would be a dish you would want to order.

Ayam Penyet
Beef Rendang was memorable. The beef was so soft and tender. The one here is covered in spicy chili paste that whets the appetite. Definitely goes well with white rice.

Beef Rendang
Sayur Lodeh (Lontong Vegetables) is like a vegetable curry. It is not spicy and goes really well with rice. The one here is flavorful but not overhwhelmed with coconut milk taste. The thing I like about Sayur Lodeh is when the vegetables are cooked soft. Very easy to chew and adds a different texture compared to the meat and fried dishes.

Sayur Lodeh
Okay! Here comes a must-order when we eat Nasi Padang! Begedil is made from potatoes and fried. The one here is near to perfection! The outside is so crisp while the inside is soft, creamy and fragrant. Love it! If you ask me, this dish is a must order!

Curry Chicken is not an unusual dish. We ordered this to go with our rice. I like how their curries/ chili paste are unique. The curry chicken is thick, aromatic and makes you want to have more. I would love to eat this dish with some baguette. The chicken is tender and doesn't lose it flavor despite being in the curry.

Curry Chicken
There is a wall hanging the accolades of the store and good reviews. After the meal, I find that they are pretty deserving of these praises and positive reviews. The food quality and flavor is above average. Price-wise, we spent about $12-$15 a person for 4. Considering the amount we ordered, I think it was quite reasonable.

Wall of accolades
So, lovers of Nasi Padang, do give this store a try and do let us know of what your favorite dish is!

Store Front
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Sabar Menanri II
747 North Bridge Road (Jalan Kledek)
6am- 5pm
Closed on Sundays and PH

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