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Hello, everyone! Today I'm sharing with you this Michelin star Dim Sum restaurant from Hongkong: TIm Ho Wan. I believe many of you should have heard of this or even tried this. We went to try on their first day of opening and unbelievably, they ran out of their most famous Baked Pork Buns. And so, we visited the shop again.

In case you don't know, they have 4 must-tries: the Baked Pork Bun, the layer sponge cake, the vermicilli roll with pig's liver and the Pan-fried carrot cake. Of course, we ordered the above four items! 

Firstly, the real treasure of the shop: the pork bun. This is really why I am willing to put myself in the queue. You just cannot find another shop that produces the same buns. The exterior of the bun is fluffy and crumbly with a sweet touch to it, while the inside is stuffed with char siew. Although I am not a big fan of char siew buns normally, I love this one and I believe you would too! One sad thing is that they limit one person to 3 buns (1 plate). 

Okay, the vermicilli roll with pig's liver is really unique as I have tried so many types of vermicilli roll but not one with pig's liver. Personally, I don't take pig's liver but my friends who tried love it and say it is definitely one of the must-tries! So, why not venture out of the usual boring ones?

The pan fried carrot cake was nice as well! I could really taste the slices of radish inside. Unlike those that are so mashed up, I would really prefer this!

The steamed layer cake is something on the sweet side. Its fluffiness is really the attraction. But people who are not a fan of sweet egg cakes may not be a big fan of this!

Steamed Pork Ribs with Black Beans. This is pretty much normal! I just like to have this to go with the overdosage of prawns in my dim sum meal.

Vermicilli Roll with Prawns. I love their vermicilli roll. Its really soft and the black sauce that comes with it is not too salty either!

Steamed Beancurd Skin Roll with Pork and Shrimp. One of my favourite dishes in dim sum. The standard of this dish varied on the different times I went this. The first time I went, this was really nice but subsequently, the standard dropped a lot. The sauce became a little too watery for my liking.

Spring Roll with Egg White. Well, this is one of the more unique dishes. The normal spring rolls come with sliced vegetables but this comes with egg white and some carrots in it. Worth a try, but not one of my top favourites!

Siew Mai. Nothing much to say about this because its just a must-try. The prawns with the pork.... awesome!

Prawn Dumpling. Their Har Gao is really nice. The skin is different from the other dim sum places so its a worth trying dish!

Beef ball with Beancurd skin. The balls are really soft. I wouldn't order this again but people have different tastes so if it appeals to you, order it! Yes, the taste that you will be wondering about is indeed mandarin orange! Pretty special hur!

Yam Puree with Sago. There are only 2 desserts and this is one of them. A pretty simple dessert, something along the line of mango sago. Not too sweet!

Tonic Medlar and Osmanthus Cake. This seems like the more popular dessert over there. If you have tried the one at Crystal Jade, you will agree with me that the taste is really similar! Love this dessert no matter which shop it is!

Well, we really tried almost all the dishes. The price is okay, about the average dim sum price you eat at chinese restaurants in Singapore. If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to drop us an email at or post a comment at the bottom of the post!

Overall, I would say its a good place to have dim sum! I prefer the original Tim Ho Wan back in Hongkong but of course, the first try is always the nicest. Have a try yourself and share with us what you feel about this new dim sum place!

Our ratings of Tim Ho Wan: 8.9/10

Tim Ho Wan Singapore
68 Orchard Road #01-29A
Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839

Reservations are not allowed, so be prepared for a wait!


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