Saturday, 25 May 2013

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Yes, we are definitely catching up with the food trends in Singapore. After Tim Ho Wan, we are going to bring you to Laduree. If you are a fan of macarons, stay tune! 

It is conveniently located at Ngee Ann City. There is one boutique store and a counter where you can buy your macarons or shop for other products. 

The shop is really pretty, with the lightings and the decorations making me feel so happy stepping into the shop. I went on a weekday afternoon and there was a slight queue, around 10 minutes of wait!

Look, they really have quite a range of flavours for you to choose from. I have tried quite a number of flavours so far and of course, I have my own favourites.

The Rose, Strawberry with Marshmallows, Marie-Antoinette, Salted Caramel are among my favourites. If I were to choose one, I think I will choose the Marie-Antoinette. The taste is so exquisite. I am not a fan of their Chocolate and Vanilla flavours though surprisingly. But, I guess it is pretty much a personal preference [:

Yes, and did I mention how hard it was for me to choose my flavours the first time round? I was just like hoping to try all the amazing flavours out there.

Yes, this is their special gold-leaves macaron. It is around double the price of a normal macaron. I was surprised when the person explained that it tasted the same as the normal chocolate flavoured one except that it is coated with gold on the outside.

Yes, certainly they have a range of other products as well. They have tea, jams, chocolates, and so on. Check them out when you go over to their boutique store!

Don't they just look so yummy? :D Ahh, I am going back to get more of them!

Overall, I would say these macarons are definitely a class away from those other macarons. However, the price is also a level above the rest. So you are really paying for the quality and taste. Try it for yourself to see if it is worth your $$$. For me, I would think it is a good reward once in a while but certainly not beneficial for your wallet if you eat them too often.

Ladurée Singapore

391 Orchard Road
#02-09 (boutique) & #01-24A (counter)
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872
Tel : +(65) 6884 7361 - Fax : +(65) 6884 7362

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