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Johor Bahru: Kam Long Fish Head Curry | ThumbsForFood

Hello, it has been long since I last shared about food in Johor Bahru! If you want to read more about food tips in Johor Bahru, click here! Today, we are going to bring to you this super delicious fish head curry that is near City Square/customs from Singapore.

We went there at around 2pm in the afternoon on a Saturday and I was surprised to see that there was still a long queue outside the shop. Well, when I asked for directions, the lady did say that I would be able to spot Kam Long Fish Head Curry from afar because there would be many people outside the shop. True that, there really was a long queue! 

How do we get here from City Square? It is really near; about 5 min walk only! Exit City Square from the exit near Macdonalds. When you are out (facing the road), turn left and walk straight. You will walk past a zebra crossing along the way. Sounds easy right? 

long queue!

Kam Long Restaurant is set in a coffee shop and it gives off an old-school feeling when you step into the shop. Be prepared to share a table with strangers if you are with smaller groups! I am personally alright with sharing tables as it actually speeds up the whole queuing process by a lot. Oh yes, I saw quite a few people carrying takeaways so I guess you can consider taking away if you do not want to queue for so long! If you are worrying about the freshness of the fish, don't worry! They actually put the fish separately in a packet of ice. Then the vegetables and taukee are also packed in a separate bag. So, I would think the quality of the takeaway would not be compromised!

After you get seated, the curry fish head will be served in a few minutes. I was staring at the people eating opposite me and looking at their bubbling curry and wishing that mine would come soon. Indeed, it came soon after and I was not disappointed! The curry was soooooo delicious! The unique point about this pot of curry fish head would be the taukee that they add on top. It went so well with the gravy! The fish is really fresh too which is really important for a good fish head curry. 

There are 3 sizes: small, medium, large. You can add extra vegetables/taukee if you want! But, it comes with vegetables and taukee on its own!

Small: $19 RM
Medium: $30 RM
Large: $38 RM

The price is a really good bargain for the amount of fish you get!

And of course, how can a pot of good fish head curry be without its best companion; the rice? Don't be amazed by how many plates of rice you can devour with the curry!

Yes, I would definitely be back for more curry fish head! Luckily, Kam Long is located near City Square (Johor Bahru) which makes it all the more convenient for Singaporeans like me who love to cross the customs to hunt for new and delicious food!

Kam Long Fish Head Curry
Jalan Wong Ah Fook
80000 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

I will be making another compilation of food places that you can go in Johor Bahru soon! So, check back at ThumbsForFood for more updates!

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