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I am sure all Thai food lovers would have heard of Nakhon Kitchen. Yes, we couldn’t believe that we haven’t done a review on this place yet especially when we have visited this place more than 5 or more times!

There are two branches of Nakhon currently- one in Kovan (the first branch) and one in Bedok North. We have been visiting Nakhon at its Kovan branch since it first opened. Since we have not tried all the Thai food in Singapore, it is difficult to conclude that it’s the best. But, it is definitely our top favorite from what we’ve tasted.

As you can see from the photo below, Nakhon Kitchen can be found under the block of flats. In Bedok, it is also similarly situated under a block of flats in a corner of the neighborhood. There is no air-conditioning but, with the fans around and the open concept of the place, it is quite cooling. I wouldn’t mind the bustling environment at all considering that they don’t charge us for GST and Service Charge!

Interior of Nakhon
A must-order is the Thai Iced Milk Tea ($3). Thai Black tea infused with condensed milk makes the drink really good. It’s different from the Milk Tea you get from bubble tea shops. Do try it if you have never had a cup of Thai Iced Milk Tea; take caution in craving for more!

Thai Iced Milk Tea 
Plain white rice is definitely necessary to go with Tom Yum, Green Curry and your dishes.

Plain Rice
The Stir Fried Kang Kong Belachan ($6) is another dish we would always order. We can’t do without vegetables in a meal and what better choice than to order something spicy and tasty? What we love about their Kang Kong is that it is well-cooked and the belachan flavor is consistent throughout the dish,

Kang Kong with Belachan
Tom Yum Soup ($6) comes in either clear or thick base (with coconut milk). We have tried both. I guess for those who prefer the pure tom yum flavor with a spicier kick, pick clear base! The coconut milk sort of neutralizes the spiciness of the tom yum soup. Personally, I prefer thick base.

Tom Yum Soup (Thick Base)
Stir-fried Mince Pork with hot basil leaves ($6) is a simple dish that appeals to us because of his tasty flavor. Besides its spiciness, it gives off a nice basil fragrance that’s not too overpowering. So for those who don’t really like basil, no harm trying!

Stir-fried Mince Pork with hot basil leaves
Phad Thai Noodles ($5) is a stir-fried rice noodle dish that is commonly served as a street food in Thailand. We feel that the Phad Thai in Nakhon is not as alluring and fantastic as the other dishes. But, it does satisfy our cravings for a plate of Phad Thai without needing to fly to Thailand for one. Please do let us know if you chance upon delicious Phad Thai in Singapore!

Phad Thai
Homemade Thai Fish Cake (4 pieces for $6) is my personal favorite! It is especially so when it is served hot and fresh. It is less spicy than Otah and the spices that they add into it makes it really good!

Homemade Thai Fish Cake
Stir fried prawn with Thai yellow curry powder ($12) is a really unique dish. I've personally not tried such a dish before. The thai yellow curry powder is a thick sauce that has a tinge of tamarind taste. Interesting dish though the flavor is not as strong as I had expected.

Stir fried prawn with Thai Yellow Curry Powder
Nakhon;s Asparagus with prawns ($6) is done really well. This is especially so when I am a fan of asparagus be it the thick larger ones as well as the smaller thinner ones like those seen below. The combination of garlic, mushrooms and prawns combined with their gravy that has oyster sauce is perfect. I can finish the whole plate by myself!

Asparagus with prawns
In a nutshell, we really like the food in Nakhon. The portion of the dish is on the small side so we tend to order many dishes to share. If you have never tried Nakhon, do give it a try! Be prepared that you might have to queue during dinner time! Drop a comment or email us to share with us your thoughts! :) 

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 

Nakhon Kitchen
212 Hougang Street 21 
Nearest MRT: Kovan MRT

Love, Y

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