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Todamgol (Tanjong Pagar) | ThumbsForFood

It is not difficult to spot Todamgol along the Little Korean Street of Tanjong Pagar. The exterior and interior is themed to be a rustic and village-like. It has been the area for quite some time so we have always wanted to try it!  

Please pardon the yellowish tinge in the photos below due to the lighting and I was so hungry I did not adjust the settings of the camera. 

Todamgol Menu
What really attracts me to Korean food is the banchan (side dishes) that they serve. It just whets your appetite with the salty, sweet, sour flavors in each dish. We were served 5 side dishes. My favorite would be the kimchi! It goes really well with rice and it's really appetizing. Always a good way to start the meal! You can refill the side dishes but just make sure you don't stuff yourself too much before the main courses arrive!

Banchan (side dishes)
We read that Todamgol also has an extensive collection of Rice Wine. Korean rice wine is more on the sweet side and thus, would appeal to ladies. Based on your preference of a sweeter or thicker one, the waiter would recommend the one to suit your palate. We ordered the sweeter one and it was really smooth and tasty. We would definitely like to try other rice wine in future! If you are a light drinker, a serving would be good for 4-6 people.

Korean Rice Wine
As it was our first time there, we were not sure how the serving size would be. Hence, I guess we over-ordered a little. For an average eater, I would recommend that each dish is good to be shared among 3-4 people with exception of their barbecued meat.

The main courses range from $25 to about $35 each.

Kim Chi Jun Gol (Kimchi Stew: about $30) is a must try dish when we visit Korean restaurants. We really appreciate a piping hot pot of soup to warm our stomachs. The kimchi stew here consists of the usuals like tofu, mushroom and tanghoon (glass noodles). We felt that the ingredients were rather miserly considering the price we were paying. The soup however was tasty. Do look out for our upcoming posts on our favorite places for kimchi stew!

Kim Chi Jun Gol 
We ordered a meat dish, Stir-fried Chicken Stew. We had initially thought that it would be served like the Kimchi stew but was wrong. It came in a really huge plate with chicken, potatoes, capsicum and gravy. Taste-wise, it was not bad. A really good dish to go with plain rice. The chicken was tender but we had hoped that it could be boneless.

Stir-fried Chicken Stew
We ordered some barbecued beef (about $20). The difference of the portion compared to the other dishes was vast! Nevertheless, the beef was tender and well-marinated. Really delicious but all of us felt that the portion was disatisfying.

Barbecued Beef
We tried the Seafood Pancake (about $20). The seafood ingredients was quite generous. I would prefer if the pancake was more crispy and served hot!

Seafood Pancake

Overall, we felt that Todamgol offers a good ambiance for gatherings with friends. If you have a large group, you can request for a private room. There are hits and misses in the food. Do order some rice wine to complement the food! 

Overall Rating: 7/10

31 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088454
6224 7077

Love, Y

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